Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday

I LOVE THIS SHOW! Its really going to make Tuesday nights on NBC! Especially, when it comes on right before PARENTHOOD!

I was really hoping Bob would be back on Parenthood. But I actually like Amber's hair better now. Its much more natural. Thankfully Haddie's hair is much better too.

Ray Ramono is new this season and I actually like his character. His character is also giving someone a job. And she so needs one.

Hopefully these 2 will survive the season.
The guys are back tomorrow night for GLEE!

It'll be great to see Rachel in New York City!

Oh, and I got my flu shot. It wasn't so bad. Still I hate needles.

I saw Justin Bieber's perfume while I was getting my shot. Its for females, right? Anyone tried it yet?


  1. I LOVE the packaging of Justin Bieber's perfume!! :)

  2. So great to see new TV to watch. I have to try that perfume!