Monday, September 17, 2012

My Movie Monday

When Harry met Ezra, there was a lot going on at the MTV Awards.

"Well, of course, I was feeling I was going to miss something," Harry shares about his first time award show in a new documentary. "I didn't want to be daft, you know."

"I can take them or leave them." Ezra grins as if life is a party. "Yeah, that was me in Em. Like old times, you know." He admits he's ready for a Perks reunion, wondering when is this movie ever going to be in theaters. "Em swears she wouldn't have been that silly if it weren't for me. Go figure." He smirks as if the VMAs are all in good fun.

Its at these awards that Harry backs into Ezra and just can't believe what Ezra has on. A Mariachi suit.

" this for real, man?" Harry still can't get over how eccentric Ezra really is.

"Needless, to say, he definitely needs my style, don't you think." Ezra jokes back.

Yes, a true bromance in the making. A bit of a psydo-documentary of two totally different guys, making the rounds of the parties after the awards. Maybe they'll best friends for life.

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