Friday, August 10, 2012

What a girl wants

One kiss.

OK, it was quite a kiss. It was one of those..why don't I take your breath away so you can stay with me. Now.

I did not like being taken quite this way. Besides, he smelled of grass, and sunscreen and of the earth. Perhaps.

A swear a shiver shook me. Like a wake up call. I don't think I'd ever been quite that close to his face.

I thought I smiled. Sort of.

Xander was gone before I could say anything. And my hands were on the wheel. It took me a moment to get a grip. A tight grip. The car was still running.

Should I go? I blinked. A grandmother with two small children walked by. I could have ran over them. Silly me. I needed to think. I needed to figure this out while I was in the Library pickup lane.

But the kiss was fresh on my mind. It was as if everyone else had a place to be to go. And there I was stuck in the car.

Yet it wasn't long. Here he came back. Got in with a DVD he had on hold.

"Submarine." He held it up. "Its your favorite movie."

"Why are you watching it?" I wasn't sure if I got what he meant.

"Because, I thought you wanted to see it." He smirked.

"Right now?" I winced. Didn't I have clothes to wash? A dinner for my Dad to think about?

"I dunno. Maybe. Anytime with in the next seven days." He shrugged. I guess he didn't want to have an overdue.

I put my car in drive. It was time to be back to normal. What do you do after you've had a moment? So the little red Fit lunged forward, I took my left.

"Maybe tonight." I nodded.

He smiled as if he might be surprised. I smiled too as if it were something we could do in unison. Maybe we weren't a game anymore.

"But could I come over." I didn't mean to put him on the spot. "You know, when I drop you off." I was going to find out where Xander lived.

"All right." He didn't sound to happy though. "I guess. But you won't stay long, right?"

"Guess not." I was driving from where I came. I just wasn't sure which street he lived on, nor how close his house was to my house.

"You'd have to meet my little brother." He sort of frowned.

"You have a little brother?" I smiled. "How little?"

"He's starting second grade. And he's a pain in the ass." Immediately, Xander looked peeved.

"He can't be that bad." Now I was smiling as he gave me the directions. I sighed, thinking just what sort of little monster did Xander live with. Was his little brother the reason why I hadn't seen him?


  1. Haha, little brother's are a pain!

  2. Xander sounds like he's hiding something. :/

  3. little brothers can be annoying

  4. aw,what could be the problem...

  5. That's good I don't have little brother ;)