Wednesday, August 8, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday

There seems to be no end of the heat. Not much for rain. Although, a big wind took another limb down. Although, our big tree still holds someone's black stockings.

Now that's a story starter. I mean, I was starting to think..are those mine? How in the world did they get stuck in a tree? Did I decide to do a strip tease for Lars? Like did Lars and I go out drinking? There is a pub not too far from us. Although, we've never been. It for the older crowd. But I hear darts are popular there.

Anyway, we've teased each other about this, from time to time. However, the stockings are still stuck in the big fat tree out front. I have to say we love that tree. It does give a lot of shade. I'd hate for anything to happen to that tree.

We've had to go to some training session about meeting our goals at work. It was..well, OK..I guess. Just be flexible and be a part of the team.

I did have myself in a fix with plum jam this weekend. A sponge fell into the plum juice. I had to decide to  make plum jam, after all. Yes, it was an adventure in the kitchen. I learn all about how plums don't have much acid in them from my grandmother who guided me through the major science experiment by phone. I gave a jar to the neighbors. I really wish my brother would come over and we could make salsa.

Finished a crocheted hat while watching the Olympics. I'm starting to think I should really jump start on hats if I'm going to have them in time for gift giving. Maybe I should be crocheting a sleeve for co-worker's NOOK. Just not sure I'd get the right proportions. I hope her NOOK still works. The Nook fell out of her purse other day.

I liked this color better than I thought I would from Megalast. Undercover.
More new colors I got from Megalast. I should be set for winter now. The only reason I actually wear nail polish is to protect my nails at work. I probably keep my nails shorter than most who wear nail polish. I was noticing other people's nails at that workshop, for team building skills, I went to. Its interesting to see who has long fingernails.
Dunno if you've heard of them, but they are some pretty special guys. Making music in the honor of their mother. Much of their money from their music goes to charity.  Check them out!


  1. good luck meeting your goals at work!!

  2. I LOVE MegaLast colors - Undercover is such a fabulous shade!! :)

  3. Hooray for nail polish and hats! Yes, the heat has been GROSS here too :(