Friday, August 3, 2012

What a Girl Wants

Sometimes, I just blow my mind away. As if it were a passion, these ideas I get in my head. Yes, most definitely I do enjoy my own company.  Not that I've admitted this to anyone, but myself. Sometimes, I'm just not the best friend to have. And I know, you're thinking..HOW SELFISH.

Not that I want to be a burden to anyone. And I was so close to Aidan fixing me up with a blind date.

Me? A blind date. I shook my head, no. I lied. I told him I was seeing someone. Sort of. I said that too, as if I didn't know if it were special or not.

There we were, among the stacks, looking at books about how to make the most of The Bedroom. As if I could build shelves alone. Ha! But I was interested. Just not in the blind date.

"Did Xander call?" Aidan asked as he pushed his dark artsy glasses in place. As if he'd get a good gaze at me to confirm I was a liar.

"No." My laugh was a little much. "Its met..." I looked around the plush seating area. All mod in a retro sort of way. Of course, I couldn't say I knew if those couches were that soft. The library was empty. "HERE."

"Like who?" Aidan was just full of questions.

"How's Marla?" I needed to change this conversation fast. I took the picks he thought I'd need if I wanted to transform my room into a place I'd never want to come out of.

Oh, he was full of info about Marla and her travels, her volunteering, their plans before college classes started up for fall. It went on and on. All I needed to do was smile and nod. And I did.

"Well, I gotta go." He checked his phone. Naturally, she needed him somewhere. Not here at the library.

"OK." I was still faking happy for his sake. Its easy though to be happy around Aidan.

"You let me know how it goes..with..what was his name again?" Aidan backed away with a wave and his messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

"Who?" I looked at him blankly.

"I'm fixing you up." He informed me, pointing his finger at me.

"NO, no you're not." I shook my head. Still gritting a smile as he left. I plopped the thick books on a table then. No way was I going to do anything to my room..which was kind of pit right now. I lived in a closet. Practically. And somehow, things found a place on the floor.

I had to be thankful Aidan never came over. If he did, he only made it as far as the kitchen.

So here I was, on my out.. thinking I could use ice cream. Something to cheer myself up. But there was a bucket full at home in the freezer. I just needed to get home. Besides, I'd finally gotten my INBETWEENERS in the mail. I would just have a date with myself and Simon.

And that was on my mind as I pulled out of the library parking lot in my little blue FIT. But as luck would have it, ROAD WORK was ahead, so I had to take a side street. Only, I wasn't alone, from up the hill someone was coming down it. I could hear the roar of skateboard wheels hitting the pavement. But the sun was in my face. So I stopped. SPLAT.

There was a human bug on my windshield. Luckily the windshield didn't crack and there was not blood. Just someone looking at me as if I'd scared the crap out of him. Until he got off the windshield just to tell me I'd hit him. That wasn't true.

"YES! YOU DID!" He informed me. All a sweat. There he was at my car door. He was still standing. I had no idea where the skateboard went.

"But..I didn't really hurt you." It wasn't like there were any broken bones, nor blood. He hadn't even fallen. He'd just flung himself on my windshield. It didn't even break.

OK, so a wheel came off his skateboard which he had to find under my car. And then I noticed, it was Xander, and he smelled like summer. Fresh cut grass and sun screen. Not at all, like I remembered. His Tee-shirt was ripped on the sides, which gave a whole new meaning to sleeveless. It was really aggravating that I could see his abs. What was the point of that shirt?

"What are you doing here?" I winced as if I couldn't think of him living this close to my house.

"I was on my way to the library." He told me.

A part of me wished I'd waited at the library for him, but then again, we might not have a conversation at all. He seemed like the silent type at the moment. I felt I needed to keep up with the silence somehow.

"Well..sorry." I managed to say as I saw him standing there barefooted on the street with his messed up skateboard. "Do you need a lift?"

He got in. I kept thinking I should ask something like, "Why didn't you call?" But it didn't seem like there was a point. We were practically strangers, again.

Actually, I was not at all happy now. No way  could I fake it on the drive back to the library. But somehow I managed.

It was good to move forward. I would not look at him. Besides, I'd caused one accident, already. Although, I didn't think it was entirely my fault.

"Would you, wait for me?" He asked as we got to the drop off lane at the library.

I intended to say. "Well..I don't think its really a good idea ..but if I must...and you know, it would be such a long walk and all..I guess..I could..."

But he kissed me before I could say anything.


  1. i dont think i could ever do a blind date

  2. Blind dates are a major no in my book, as well. :/