Friday, July 13, 2012

What A Girl Wants

"The important thing, Paris," Aidan looked at me as if I knew what to do. "You have to decide what you want."

"Do I?" I looked at him brightly and might have been more silly than usual. Naturally, he looked as artistic as ever. Just in his chinos and some artsy Tee that Marla made him. Yes, things were perfect for those two.

He brought by some pamphlets from the art school. As if I'd be going there in the fall.

Yes, once upon a time, I thought so. I thought it would be.. I bit my bottom lip. I wanted to be closer to him. Which was foolish. Wake up and smell the coffee! Or the burnt blueberry muffins, in this case. I scurried to the kitchen, jerked them out with the old oven mitten.

I squinted a face. The muffins weren't completely burnt, but the edges were so brown. So much for my Martha Stewart skills. I'm sure she'd tell me I needed a new oven mit for starters. I slapped it down on the kitchen counter, feeling defeated.

"Oh, so how did that date go?" His question came out of the blue as I looked to see how Aidan stared at my mess.

"Good." I didn't smile though. It was actually hard to say. I mean, it was not really a blind date, yet he hadn't tried to frisk me, either. I just didn't really know Xander. I might not ever know him. I had to admit that. That was like 2 weeks ago. I had a feeling I was history.

"We should, all get together. The four of us, sometime. You know, a movie, or something." Aidan's grin was small, but confident. He looked pretty cool in those nerdy glasses of his.

"I dunno." I sighed as I tried my best to rescue the muffins from the pan. Even then, they landed in the plate a bit broken, and blueberry bruised. "I don't think it was, you know, a date. We had. It was ..more like. I dunno." What could I say? Nothing.

"But he was nice to you." Aidan looked at me serious as if he wanted to know. Like maybe he'd kick Xander's ass if he wasn't.

"Yeah." I winced as if it was fine. "But, you know." I cleared my throat. "He hasn't called. I mean, its not a big deal." I wasn't looking for my Prince Charming. It was after all a bit of a fluke. Me, thinking..I'd like what he had with that girl at the library..when all a long, I didn't want to be like a sister to him..or did I?

I hugged myself as if it was really OK. I was not going to dwell on Xander. But I was pretty sure I hadn't put a spell on him. He'd put one on me.