Wednesday, July 11, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday

So, I had like an extensive and a bit intense conversation with a friend over Ryan Gosling. She doesn't think he's good looking. She was wild about MAGIC MIKE. There were some parts of the movie I felt as if I were thinking of these guys as more 'meat' than anything else. I'm beginning to think I like a guy wrapped up. Preferably clothes. Perhaps I like a guy, mostly for his personality. Still, I find Gosling handsome. I have no idea what she's talking about.  I have a feeling I might like the more earthy type too. Unshaven. Shaggy. According to her, anyway. Oh well..
I met a guy at the library. I guess I talk so much. We started talking about poetry. It was really weird. You know, just a conversation in passing. I saw he'd checked out e.e. cummings. He's one of my favorite poets, too. He told me he painted. It was such a wonderful conversation. As if it was..maybe a moment. I mean, Lars isn't one to talk about poetry. Although, he got tickets to see Moriessy in November which really shocked me. Anyway, it was a moment of laughter yet.. feeling we were testing each other about our favorite poets. So finally, I said I needed to let him go. As it was, another co-worker was frowning at me. As if I were going to keep us there after hours. So he leaves. And I'm getting ready to go. There he is as we are about to leave the library. "Maybe we could, you know, find some new poets together. Maybe talk about philosophy?" I drew a blank. Not sure what to say to this on my way to the car. Somehow, I told him he needed to talk to this other co-worker who was working the next day. Am I bad?
Yes, I'm definitely beginning to think that co-worker is right about me. It must be personality that means the most to me when it comes to guys. Maybe that is why I don't always pick the right ones. But maybe I do.  Truly, its a treat doing nothing with Lars. I even smile when I watch him eat. Well, not so much like I used to. I was always amused when he'd bring a box of Honey Nut Cheerios to school to have for lunch. He'd only buy milk. Sure, he said he was doing it for a friend who ate cereal too, because of his diet. But I think back, it was because it was all he could get by on. Seriously, his ingenuity might not be Warren Buffet's. But he's a good friend. Always there for his friends. My brother too. All things he puts up with my family. My dad. And the garden. But where would he be? Without us?
OK, I'm possibly not like other girls. But I fell in love with these. I know, here we are in the heat of summer. Everyone, trying on sandales and I'm going crazy over these boots. Actually, I've always wanted to have a pair of FATBABIES. And these will be perfect ...for winter, fall, even for those places we walk off the beaten trail. I do plan to wear these with just about anything.
Of course, probably only folks in the heartland would spend their Sunday afternoons at Cabela's, but we stayed pretty cool in the huge outdoors store. Had some roasted nuts that were just too sugary, but the kettle corn wasn't bad.
I really love them. They'll be great anytime of year.
OMG..Tyler knows all. Chloe's real name is Cynthia. And her mother's alive. Now if Loren could get over her stage fright. Maybe that hunky blond guy she's tutoring can help...hmmm..part of the time I'm just laughing at this show, but I can't wait til the next episode.


  1. You are so funny about Hollywood Heights.

    I like the Hey Luv.

  2. Haha! I LOVE that Ryan Gosling pic! :)

  3. Oh, forever Ryan, for me..but I kind of like your Hey Luv..too..heheee.

  4. Oh I adore Ryan Gosling...
    love his Hey Girl quotes,
    in fact I have one right now in my current post on my Rooms of Inspiration Blog.