Friday, June 15, 2012

What a girl Wants

What was I doing? Thinking up something like that to wedge between Aidan and Marla.

No. I couldn't do it. I wouldn't. It was not right. Besides, Aidan was happy with Marla. Had to be.  I had to keep my mind on something else. But what?

Would we ever get out of the library? I guess I'd have to take the first step. Make this work? Was that it? Or not work. That was it. I drew a breath as if I didn't want to face the consequences ..if..if perhaps I accidentally messed things up for Aidan and his love life.

"Whats wrong, Paris?" Aidan squinted as if he knew something was on my mind as we headed toward the door.

"Nothing." I could barely look at him. Afraid, I'd will something I'd regret. I looked away and saw a young couple chatting over a DVD they were going to check out. They looked as if they adored each other's company. So close. Their body language told a story that they were happy together. "I want what they are having." I know, it sounded like today's special, perhaps.

I faked a smile, looking back at Aidan.

"You're so funny, sometimes." Aidan chuckled as if I was too overly romantic. Maybe he was right. Maybe I should be in my room discovering what real magic was all about in books and spells and such. Instead, here I was trying to be me, but wondering if I had an inkling of who that someone might be.

Next thing I know, the stranger who I'd wished on was trying to get my attention. He came over to ask me what I thought of the movie WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER. Had I seen it? Was it a good date movie?

"Do you want to come over and watch it with me tonight?" His question took me by surprise. I didn't know what to say.

"Sorry, I haven't even introduced myself." He was full of laughter. His name was Xander. I looked over his shoulder. His girlfriend was still eyeing DVDs, oblivious to our conversation.

"Uh.." I hugged myself not quite sure what to say. It stung me. What had I done? Was this really what I wanted?

Aidan didn't look back. I didn't go after him. I guess I'd have to fix the situation at hand. If I could.

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