Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday

Sylvia Griffith was at the farmer's market. She is also a psychiatric nurse and nurse educator.
The Road Ahead is her folk CD.

Summer in my home town. The Saturday Farmer's market is going strong. Perhaps not as huge as the OLD MARKET'S farmer's market. Still it has a hometown feel about it. Lots of veggies, canned goods, even KETTLE CORN!

I picked up some of my favorite salsa there. And it was a mid morning snack..I'm afraid.

Still picking lots of raspberries and black berries. I made a raspberry pie. A bit too juicy, I'm afraid. I'm really not a pie maker.

My brother is getting a transition table. I think that's what it is called. He's getting it cheap, from a friend who can't keep it in his basement anymore. Supposedly, it will help his back. I'd hate for him to be home alone, stuck upside down in the thing.

More of a dare from Lars, than anything. A summer concoction of ice cream, strawberry wine and some ice. It was better than I thought it would be. Next time some frozen strawberries blended in. Non-the has a kick to it.

Matt Bomer (Jason Carillo) at the top. Wow, one of my favorite series. Yet Nelson is my favorite character in the series...Noah Segan is Nelson on the book cover (the one with the messy hair). Now if I knew who the guy was in the cap? Any ideas? I thought at first it might be Logan from Veronica Mars.

I still wonder if Noah wrote his own bio on IMBD..its really sad yet so quirky.
 "Noah Segan (AKA "Junior") was born on a rainy October afternoon in Brooklyn, New York City, in 1983. He grew up strong and straight in That City, Manhattan Island. Young Noah was self-educated as he was too intelligent to graduate from high school. He soon began to pursue interests in photography, music and acting. The latter took him, entirely against his will to L.A., where he now resides grumpily but satisfied sexually.

Noah's interests include smoking, The 'Mats, Billy The Kid and boxing.

Noah's favorite actor is Warren Oates, who died, as Noah expects to do one day as well. Love and cherish him for this one reason."-Paul Sado

Always a sucker for bad boys..especially in film and books.
Hard at work in the play Adios Assholes.


  1. I'd like to know who the guy in the cap is too. I love Noah.

  2. Okay now I have to go look up transition table and see why he could get stuck.

  3. The farmer's market sounds absolutely amazing! And raspberry pie? YUM