Friday, April 6, 2012

Ben and Molly

Ben was doing his best to not look pessimistic. To go with the flow. To be a part of the crowd. Maybe the in crowd.

Of course, Steve knew everyone. Ben was thinking his friend must be in the wrong business. He was a natural politician. Steve never met a stranger he didn't like. On the other hand, Evie hated everyone. It was a surprise they were in her good graces.

Yet, he kept smiling there at the bowling alley. While they went to get beers, the girls went to get shoes.

"JOEL." From the sound of Molly's voice, it gave Ben a jolt. He looked up to see the lanky blond at the counter all smiles to see Molly. Ben stopped what he was doing and observed.

There was something odd about this Joel. Ben blinked trying not to be agitated. Molly was all clumsy, suddenly. Was that a genuine smile or was she faking it?

"Who is that?" Ben asked as soon as they had a moment, with the bowling balls that Molly was soon checking out.

"No one." She shook her head as if she could keep a secret.

"Oh, its someone. He knows you. Where do you know him?" He didn't mean to sound jealous, but he knew all of Molly's friends. They knew the same people from high school. This guy was a little older. He wasn't exactly in the circle of friends they knew. But there might be something slightly shady. After all, he worked in a dark bowling alley where only the lanes lit up. Maybe he taught her how to bowl. Maybe she'd had an insane crush on him when she was twelve.

"Its nothing." She scoffed as if he shouldn't bring this guy up. "Just ..just stop looking at him." She glared as she picked up the lightest ball she could find, it was pink and probably for pre-schoolers.

"Well? He's looking at you." Ben winced, ready to go over and ask this Joel a few question. "Want me to tell him to leave you alone?"

"Ben?" She looked at him as if he'd really lost it. "He's not doing anything. Have you had too much to drink?"

"Of course not." But he was in a huff. Maybe he'd leave the beer alone. "You want a cola?" He supposed she was right.

"Sure." She nodded.

He grabbed a random bowling ball and took it to their lane then went back to get them some fountain drinks. Finally, he plopped down and found that the soda pop was refreshingly satisfying. Although, he found himself glancing over at the guy by the counter with that sheepish grin of his. He was watching Molly. He could sense it.

She looked at Ben out of the corner of her eye. Even she knew Joel was watching her.