Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wee bit Wednesday

We aren't really big on Easter. Not anymore. It was warm this past weekend. In fact, hot. But April is here and there wasn't much fool'n around on the first.

Character Studying: My weekend at the library was worth its weight in gold in characters. From young to old. I really enjoyed visiting with an old woman who told me how she needed to keep walking, even if it was quite painful. I helped her get a few holds on her favorite authors and their new books.

I guess the shocker on Saturday was seeing this friend of mine come in looking like he was ready for a hip-hop music number. He was wearing this Tee that said I ALREADY DID IT! I took a double take, that him? He's the guy who's gonna be a youth minister. Of course, he looked all of 13 in the get-up. Not sure if it were method acting or just trying new stuff out. I guess he's enjoying college, but I'd prefer if he were his preppy self. I guess.

Then there were the brothers. The little one, you just knew he would be the hottie one day. His infectious smile and that sly look of his. I'm thinking maybe 3rd grade. His brother on the other hand, uber-serious. High school. Never smiled. Almost angry. But we talked about Starwars for awhile, as he was waiting for his little brother to decide what he was going to do his report on. Naturally, they left in a hurry, just to see them back 15 minutes later.

Then I got caught up with this fellow who told me about a movie he wanted to make. That was quite the tale. It kind of left me wondering if it were actually porn. A co-worker was like.."Was he ever going to leave you alone?" He's all talk. I have my doubts he'd like anything I'd write.

And of course, our Saturday special guy showed up who always ask my name. He can sometimes go off the deep end. Some baby was crying in the children's area so he decided to sing Old MacDonalds. Once, we did have to call 911 on him. He gets upset with my supervisor, sometimes.

Movies, etc.

Mirror Mirror was quite fun. I enjoyed the costuming so much. And it was fun to see Armie Hammer not do something so serious. Lilly Collins was very Audrey Hepburn. And I love the music number at the end, too.

Being Human: I have dreams about this show where both Canadian and UK cast come together. I can only hope the nerdy werewolf comes back for Tom even if he feels certain he's not good enough for her on the UK version.


  1. Some very interesting people at the library! Oh, just an episode left of Syfy's Being Human!

  2. I always enjoy meeting new people at the library.