Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wee bit Wednesday

In all honesty, Luke Pasqualino was my pick for Gale in the Hunger Games movie.

Ximena Sarinana would have made a wonderful Katnis with her expressive face. She might be older, but there is still something so youthful about her. And I love her music.

Richard Harmon as Peeta would have possibly been a wild idea. Still, he does snarky so well which I think would have been perfect for that part.

 OK...just had to get my dreamcast for the Hunger Games out of the way. I certainly didn't hate the movie by any means. It was just Liam and Jen were a little too healthy for those roles, but they did a great job. Still, it was a great adaptation to the book.

Naturally, Lars and I went to the wrong theater early on Saturday morning. Silly us. We thought we were early. Had some down time for us, and we made the most of it. No one saw us making out. No harm done, other than being late for the real deal. Maybe we got up to early. We were one theater over at the cinemaplex. By the time we got to the right one, we had to sat practically in the front row. And the guy who did, decided to lay down during the middle of the movie. It was kind of funny.

It was a good day out for Saturday. We went to lunch afterwards. Something about eating popcorn at 10 in the morning didn't work for us. Of course, we didn't really wake up early to go, either. Perhaps, that was why we had the theater mishaps.

Just wish we would have gotten to know Cato more.

And finally a SUNSHINE AWARD from Nancy.

Favourite colour: Somewhere between pink and purple. Possibly burgundy.
Favourite animal: Cats! Although, I like pigs and dogs, too.
Favourite non alcoholic drink: A good cup of coffee with cream, but I always use skim milk.
Facebook or twitter: I don't like either.
Getting or giving presents: Giving, I love doing baskets or just finding that certain something that says its them.
Favourite flower:  sunflowers.
Favourite pattern: paisley is something I always come back to.
Passion: writing, crocheting, nurturing friendships and being a better partner. 
Favourite number: I'm not sure I have one..I'll go with 9.

And if you feel you are up for the SUNSHINE AWARD, go ahead and do it!

My other obsession over the weekend, Craig Roberts. I watched him as Adam the Vampire on Being Human and just couldn't help but want to see more of him. I remembered he was in Submarine.  I had to look on You Tube to find him in Becoming Human.

There is just something Gomez Addams about him.


  1. Yeah, I did love the movie. And love Craig, as well.

  2. I love your dreamcast. But it was a really good spite of the little things. I'm not sure Josh was my first choice for Peeta..but he's growing on me.

    Love Adam on Being Human! I didn't know about Becoming Human.

  3. Good call on the dream cast. I have to find more Craig Roberts stuff to watch.