Friday, March 30, 2012

Ben and Molly

Molly wondered if the bowling would ever happen. Evie got to talking about the baby while the guys started drinking a British beer that Steve knew of while he was in England when his dad worked at a base overseas.

Molly did her best not to be annoyed with the little shoe box apartment. Peyton had his own room. It was a two bedroom. It looked like a motel room to Molly. Except, there was a little galley kitchen. Counters on both side. Molly leaned on one while Evie leaned on the other watching Peyton put some puzzle together.

"Once we get Peyton over to my parents, we can stay out all night." Evie beamed. "I would have gotten him there already, if they weren't buying groceries. I so love my weekends free."

Molly nodded.

"Yeap." Molly faked a smile. Was that how it worked? Grandparents did that for their grandchildren. Every weekend?

Then Evie went into great detail how she was almost a body waxer. Now she was a blood technician down at the clinic. She'd failed at beauty school. Of course, she looked as if she could have worked at a salon with her thick dark lashes and her painted pink lips. Her dark hair was in a French braid. Molly wondered if they were going bowling or to a disco.

Molly looked in the livingroom. The guys were heavy into a video game, blasting thing right and left. Molly winced.

Evie made a quick phone call. Her parents were home so she was ready to load up Peyton.

"LET'S GO, STEVE!"  Evie demanded then. He winced back as if he didn't want too.

"Now." She eye-balled him. So he put the game on pause. Finally, they squeezed into Evie's little sports car. She did the driving. After all, she was the designated driver.


  1. Very interesting how Evie treats Steve and even the baby, too.

  2. They are such opposites. Evie and Molly.

  3. Oh..this will be interesting.