Friday, March 9, 2012

Ben and Molly

It didn't take much to talk Ben in to seeing Steve about a job. As it was, he'd done just about everything on a honey-do list that Molly's Mom had kept since 2010.  Possibly, he cleaned the gutters, moved the fallen limbs from the tree out front and even made a new gate for the back yard..all to get in their good graces. But after awhile, he did it because Molly's folks had a place that was falling apart.

Granted, it was weird, yet not much different from being at home. Kind of. Only he wasn't having to take a foster kid here and there, nonstop on his visits home. True, it was good to get away from them. Of course, he got several guilt trips, threats and so on from his parents.

As it was, his mother gave him the ultimatum. He'd abandoned them, so therefore, he'd better not want anything from them. So then came the depression. This was not some sort of vacation. He supposed it was a choice and when Molly mentioned Steve's so called offer...what else was he going to do?

"I bet you could get on at the grocery store." Molly looked at him as if that wouldn't be so bad. He'd tried at the nearby computer security place, but they weren't hiring. He supposed that would have been too easy.

"I just need something we can get out of here." He looked around her room now. He was getting pretty used to the bed. Although, it would have been nice to have some fun, all on their own. Which meant sex in the morning or practically anytime. Now, they were lucky if they could sneak in a pleasurable time at two in the morning which did nothing for either of their REM.

Of course, they'd bickered over who was going to hear them at ten at night when they first went to bed. It was something along the lines that her Dad's hearing was gone. And the TV was so loud, who was listening to them?

He won Molly over ever so often. But then it would go back to finding each other well after midnight. Not that he was timing it or had an alarm. There was no fixed science to their love life.

"Fine." Molly looked pissed though. "That'll mean we'll have to start...doing things with Steve and Evie." She scoffed.

"What is so bad about that?" He winced back. As if this was a holiday for him, being at her mother's beckoning call for groceries, to reaching for all those things she couldn't reach in the kitchen. They soon made up, and it was back to the daily rituals of sneaking some of their own passions at Molly's house.

"So how do you feel about working with flat screen TVs?" Steve asked when they met up for lunch the next day.

Just as Ben remembered, Steve was as slick as if he were ready to take on the world, ever so perfectly. His blond hair cropped nice. Actually, too good to be true. Ben knew how drunk he could get. Maybe things had changed.

"I dunno. I put in my parents and fixed it up to the cable." Ben shrugged as if it wasn't that difficult.

"We have troubles with TVs. They go out at the hotel. You know, you'd have to change them out. Clean the pool. A little touch up paint jobs. Maybe some grounds keeping. Whatever." Steve shrugged as they grabbed steak burritos at Taco Bell.

"I think I could do that." Ben nodded.

"Sweet." Steve nodded as he ate. "You got transportation?"

Ben told him he did.

"All righty then." Steve grinned. He was having troubles with his own truck. "Maybe I could catch a ride with you."

Ben thought now that might have been the only reason he got the job. Steve needed someone to take him to work.