Friday, March 2, 2012

Ben and Molly

If only Molly could be as cool, calm and practically Ben.

He needed a job. If he didn't have a job, how could he stay? She was in a tizzy, perhaps. A slow one at that. But she thought of it at work. Even at the grocery store. There was Steve, feeling avocados.

"Hey." She smiled, trying not to be that happy to see him, but it had been weeks since they'd talked.

"Hey, what are you doing?" He smiled at her. His blond hair was cropped back. He was always dandy for work. She noticed the bag of Huggies in his cart. She guessed Evie moved back. Perhaps was not the time to see if their were anything Ben might could find at the huge hotel where Steve worked.

"Well, uh.." She kept eying the Huggies. "See, you and Evie must be making a go of it, again." She gritted a smile. Evie was Steve's so called girlfriend and the mother of his child. He'd been crazy about her once, but she went a little evil on him, once Gavin was born. She gave him a black-eye. Went home to her parents.

"Yeah, her parents, are kind of pissed. She's not exactly happy with them." He shrugged, as if he didn't have a choice in the matter.

"And you make her happy?" Molly smiled with a shrug.

"Well...Gavin's walking." Steve was even lipped. "I feel like I missed out, on a lot."

"Ben moved in." She left out her parents' part.

"Really? Big Ben who broke up the dog fight at Rick's party, that one time?" He grinned as if he remembered it like yesterday. As of yet, Molly never heard that story. Was Ben that big?

"Uh..." Molly cleared her throat. "Ben Hanson?" She winced hard then.

"Yeah, that one. I remember when you two were together." He grinned then as if they'd always been a couple.

"Well.." She'd let that go. Let him think what he wanted. "Ben needs a job. Know of anything?"

"Maybe." He grinned as if he might take a roadtrip with Ben. "We are in dire need of handymen."

"Really?" Molly couldn't help but smile. She couldn't help but think her work was done about this situation of Ben's. She sighed. Molly just hoped Ben would go for it.


  1. Steve and Evie, we all know people like that. Maybe. Funny, about his story about Ben.

  2. I wonder if Ben will take it?