Friday, February 24, 2012

Ben and Molly

If only he'd been a rocket scientist, this might be done already and Ben would be in bed with Molly right now. But as they say, Rome was not built in a day and how long did it take to find matching sheets for a regular sized bed?

Molly was stuck with her Mom in the linen closet, and he'd been wrestling the bed, mostly on his own. Her dad said his back was troubling him. So was Ben's, after all said and done.

It all started when he saw the mess in her room. He started carrying it to the livingroom in loads.

"Some of those clothes are clean!" Molly spoke up a little too late.

"Maybe you should wash them, again." Ben suggested. He hoped it sounded like a solution.

Of course, by the time he got her little slim twin sized bed cleared from the room, and all those heart shaped pillows of her's gathered in a trash bag, it was time to drive over to get the bed from the neighbor down the street. Molly said she'd help.

"Have your parents called?" She wanted to know on the ride over.

"I dunno." They had, but he wasn't answering.

"I bet they go GPS on you." Molly sounded so certain. Ben rolled his eyes.

Of course, Doris, her mother's best friend,  had to feel his biceps once they arrieved. She was full of laughs.

"I bet he played football." Doris told her husband. She was more giddy than a teenager. It was a little embarrassing, but Ben managed the bed mostly on his own from the basement. Their son had left for California to be with his band.

Molly did try to help, he guessed. She was trying now with her mother. Ben could hear Molly trying to tell her Mom that white sheets were just fine. But her mother couldn't bare to part with their great grandmother's sheets. Finally, they'd settle with purple on bottom and pink on top.

"Its cold in that room." Her mother reminded her.

"I know, Mom. Its not gonna be a problem." Molly snapped.

It was well after midnight now. His cell was buzzing as he helped Molly dress the bed. Honestly, he didn't know what she was doing, but he tried as the elastic from the sheets kept fighting to not stay on.

"You better answer it." She looked at him. At least her mother wasn't watching them. Finally.

"OK." He clicked on to answer. "Mom, I'm all right. Just..just staying over at a friend's." He listened to her rant about how he wasn't being very thoughtful, lately. What had happened to him?

"A friend's house!" Molly was a bit peeved, maybe. She made a silly face.

"I'll tell them tomorrow." He reached for her across the bed and kissed her sweet lips. "I promise."

Just as they'd made the bed, with a butterfly comforter and all, Molly pulled the sheets back as if it were time to jump in. So he undressed as she pulled on some flannel bottoms and a pink tank top.

"Don't you think you're over dressed?" She looked as if she was getting ready for an emergency while he didn't have a problem shedding his clothes. The ice cold room was refreshing.

"This is what I sleep in." She looked a little timid.

"That's not what you had on the last time." He reminded her with an impish grin.

She gave him a glare. "Just turn off the light."

He did and she scrambled her clothes off.

"Well, I would have liked to seen that with the lights on." Ben told her. Their bodies almost entangled just as her mother opened the door a crack.

"How's the bed?" She wanted to know.

"Its..its great." Ben sighed as he hugged Molly close, close enough to be in the middle something in ten seconds.

"Mom, go to bed!" Molly ordered. Her mother shut the door tight.

"Does this mean, we're not doing it tonight?" As it was, all systems were go on his end.


"OK, No in we are not doing it or No, as in... of course we are?" Ben needed some clarification, yet he planned to persuade her one way or another. Naturally, the bed had a tiny squeak. But not bad. It wasn't awful. Possibly, not perfect.

She pulled the sheets over her and was on top of him, planting a kiss on him which meant locking herself in place.

"Thank you." It felt lame to say, but he couldn't quite believe this was happening. His back ached between his shoulder blades, yet he wasn't going to dare let that stop the moment ahead.