Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

 This wasn’t supposed to happen.
I’ve been hit with your charm.
How could you do this to me?
I’m in love again.

The Sugarcubes

 It feels like spring. Almost. A bit of snow still about. Here and there. But not as cold. Or so I've grown to think.

 “he knows how many freckles she’s got,
she scratches his beard
”-The Sugarcubes

The boyfriend and I have noticed a lot of wines from Australia. Like rows and rows of it, on our little outing. Since our favorite bookstore has closed at the nearby shopping place, I'm afraid its driving us to drink. On the other hand, there is always Bob Marley's tea. Yes sir, it can put Lars to sleep in no time. Me, too. When it comes to wine, Alice Walker always pleases us.

Sorry for the Sugarcubes fix. But seriously, they've given us a rebirth of finding something we both love. The Sugarcubes!

she lives in this HOUSe over there has a WELL OUTSIDE iiiiit it’s crapples in the air with her fingers and her mouth shes five years old threads WORMS ON AS ADTRIIIIING keeps spiders in a pockeeet collects flowing in a JARRRRR grab horseflies and pinches them on a LAAAAAI AAGHAHAGRRGRRGHRH ARAHAHHARGRGGHHHHHHHEEEEEEYEIUUHHHH AARHRGRAGAHRGGHUUHH AAAHARHRAHGRHRGRGRGHUHHEEHHHHHHU she has one friend he livesn ext door there listing to the weathererrrr rose harmony freckles he’s got she’s gscratches his breard she’s painting HUGE BOOOOOKS and gllues tohem together they saw a BIG GREY BEERRNNN IT GLIDED DOWN THE SKY SHE TOSSED IT AGHAHRHARHAUUUGHGHGHHRR AAHARRRRHRHGHGHGHHRREEEEEEEEEUUUHHH AARARRGGRGHUUUOHHHHH AARARARRGGHHGGHHHGAAUUUHHHHOOOOHOHOOOooooh today is her birthdayayayyy theyre smoking cigars he’s got a chain of flowers and so uls that burned IN HER KNICKERS AARRGHAHGHUGUUGHGHHR AAURURGHGHGUARRGGHHAUEEEEEEEOOOHHH AAARRAAHRGRHRGUOHOHHHH ARRGRAGHAHGHGHGGHGHAREAHAHAHAHAHAAAARRRGH AHUuahuahuhhhh beur there smoking cigars they lie in the bathrub a chain of fffff flowers damdndanddumdudnadnadan dandnadn andandnadandnadnadnan dand and andan d andandandan dnada n
– Birthday, The Sugarcubes



LISTENING: The Sugar Cubes re-mix. Want a party on your adventure weekend? Add Bjork and the gang with their club sound to make everything better. From in the car, or have some fun in the bedroom...;).

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  1. I have never *gulp* heard of the sugar cubes. haha.

    But Australia does have a lot of vineyards :)