Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

1. I just heard the fabulous story from a little boy about his Siamese cat that ran away and meet a Maine Coon, evidently, on her adventure. Now she has a kitten. Just one kitten. She's been declawed and neutered since then. She still tries to get out, but her son Jasper is too scared to get out of the apartment. The boy really loves the WARRIORS cat series. We could have talked cat stories all afternoon long.

2. Listening: Bang Bang by Dalida.

Nicolas: Eating your cherry, Terry?
Francis: Cherries are too sweet.
Marie: Fudge is 17 times sweeter than cherries.

YES! I finally got my copy of Heartbeats! And its fantastic. I love how the movie was shot and I love the director, actor & writer Xavier Dolan. The movie is so quirky and unique..and French Canadian. And what a surprise the ending was. It has to by my new favorite film. Has to be. I love the performance of Niels Schneider too. He's so natural and true. The movie is broken up with scenes about young people talking about their relationship problems. While all along its a story about Frankie and Maria meeting Nico. And how they boy long for him, yet find him a mystery. And perhaps the duration of what ever it is between them takes its course.

Nicolas: You have a big bed, right?
Francis: Yeah, I have a big bed. You can sleep here, we'll just... We'll just squeeze in.
Nicolas: Thanks, man.
Marie: Shotgun the side.
Francis: I hate the middle, too.
Nicolas: No sweat. I like the middle. 

3. We are a bit on the sickly side. Dunno what it is. Someone said, its the weather. But its been so nice. Yet, its making allergies rampant. One co-worker hasn't felt good in over a week. Her boyfriend is even worse. We'd all gone out for Mexican food Saturday night. We have friends that are leaving for their wedding/honeymoon. Hopefully, we didn't make them sick.

4. Work has had its ups and downs. It was good to talk to a co-worker to find out she's having the same problem I am with someone. So, I feel better. Sort of.

5. We moved our room around once, again. And its been nice getting in some late evening walks. Flurries tomorrow..they say.

6. I don't get the bathroom in THE NEW GIRL. Why a stall? Who has a bathroom  like that at their place?

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  1. I have been waiting to watch the new girl for some time, but I haven't had a chance! The bathroom is a stall?