Friday, January 13, 2012

Ben and Molly

Ben wished he'd stayed asleep, but then, he wouldn't have had this moment with Molly, either..which was what he always wanted to wake up too.

Maybe, maybe if he were quick enough, he could go pee before anyone woke up.

"But.." Molly was wide-eyed now and she was not helping. He pressed his finger on her lips.

"Hold that thought." He whispered back. Ben made a mad dash, not even in his undies, to the bathroom. He hoped he remembered where the bathroom was. Of course, he thought it would take an eternity to pee. But it was the only noise he could hear in the house.

He smiled. He was going to get out of this alive. Not one bit of him would be scathed. What a happy thought. Of course, there was that matter about telling his parents where he'd been and what not. He sighed then thinking it was better to be at Molly's. He didn't want to go back.

Suddenly, he heard foot-steps creep along the hallway outside. He held his breath. Thank God, he was done with the toilet. Now was the moment to flush or not to flush. Perhaps, he'd  let it alone. What if that 'but' Molly spoke of..was BUT DON'T FLUSH THE TOILET. He was going with that one.

He looked out the bathroom window thinking he could jump from here. No. Too high. And his clothes were missing. And..had he forgot it was winter, in spite of the so called warm temps. It wasn't that warm.

The footsteps past. Ben made a quick run to Molly's room at the end of the hall.

" are we gonna do this?" He asked as softly as he could.

"I went to make coffee." She said.

"That was you?" He winced. "Jesus, you scared me. And for no reason." He didn't mean to snap.

"Look, I have to make breakfast." She shrugged.

"So the 'rents are still asleep?" He still kept his voice light.

"I guess." She shrugged.

"OK." He smiled. He quickly got dressed. He was staying. Staying for breakfast.