Friday, January 20, 2012

Ben and Molly

Molly couldn't help but remember last night. The thought of touching the dark hairs on his ankles, his arms...she sighed deeply..even his chest. And Ben was still here. She made an effort to manage the sizzling bacon.

She looked back to see Ben watching her in her cashmere robe which she should probably not be cooking in, but she didn't want to look too miserable doing her morning routine.

"I can't believe you do this every morning for you parents." Ben looked at her as if she was their slave.

"I don't do it, every morning. Just on the weekends." Did he not get it? She lived under their roof. Rent free. There was a certain obligation. They were her parents.

Soon enough, her Dad drifted in when he smelled the bacon. But he didn't look all that surprised to see Ben in the kitchen.

"Well,'s life treating you, Ben?" Her father shook his hand.

Molly felt a tad woozy as if her Dad knew more than he was letting him on.

"Just..just great." Ben managed. That's when Molly noticed the stubble on his face glisten in the morning light. Suddenly, she wondered how many times he shaved a day. And if he didn't? Could he possibly be a mountain man or maybe be in ZZ Tops?

Molly started the French toast while her Dad and Ben talked about the weather, the university where Ben was attending. Suddenly, Molly felt sad. Ben would be going back. She'd be cooking in the kitchen at the nursing home. It would be a faded memory soon.

If she were lucky, just one more last goodbye. And the sex might be better. Maybe she'd understand his twists and turns. Yet all the while, she yearned to feel the weight of him. His skin next to hers.

"Well, don't let that burn, Honey." Her mother said which brought Molly back to the reality of it all. She quickly got the French toast out of the pan. Her mother turned to Ben. "How did you get here?" She winced at him. "I don't see your truck, anywhere, out front."

"I was just taking..a...walk." He grinned.

"I didn't even hear the doorbell." She looked at him as if that was odd.

"Maureen, you know how you are, when you sleep." Molly's dad chuckled.

"Well, I can certainly hear, you, snoring. That's probably why I couldn't hear the doorbell." She went to pour herself some coffee.

Molly breathed easy once, again. All was back to normal. She served breakfast and they talked about local football. And why in the world didn't Ben ever play football? Ben said his mother never would let him. Yes, here they were back to Ben's mother.

Molly could imagine the first dance would never be with the bride at their wedding. But Ben's mother. Suddenly, Molly was filled with disgust. She couldn't eat another bite. There would always be Ben's mother to contend with. Was she ready for someone like that?


  1. Another splendid episode!

  2. Almost caught! Made me smile.

  3. But maybe they do need to get caught.

  4. Oh, her mom..hmmm..I wonder if her Dad knows????