Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm running back to you

Marnie closed her eyes. He said she needed to think. She was. Although, Sebastian's directions weren't that specific. She detested that about him. And it made her bitter to think that's all she could imagine. Him, being so stubborn.

How could she stop it? Stop this madness from taking over her. It ruined everything. Didn't it? Her being so moody. No one liked her at school.

Marnie gritted hard as she kept her eyes closed. How could she ever change it? How? Was it possible.

She took in a deep breath. Piece by piece, she let the anger go. Perhaps.

When she opened her eyes, she was back at her old school. It was like a re-wind. A do over. There was the old hall. All the memorabilia from way back when. It felt good to be back. Yet, she felt so alone. Was it possible? Or just a dream?

Did she really have any power over this? Seriously?

She smiled as she looked around. There was Caity with her little circle of friends. Of course, Marnie was still the outsider. But then she saw him. The new guy at his locker. How could she forget his name? But she had. She really had.

Although, Marnie got this feeling, she knew him. She did. Although, she didn't know how, nor why. But this time, she couldn't let him down. She couldn't.

"So?" Oh, she hated introductions. Marnie really did. "I see you" She held in a laugh. "Don't I know you?"

"I dunno, do you?" His impish grin slipped.

A burst of energy inside her made her smile more.

"Well, I know want to." Marnie told him. "I'm Marnie." She held out her hand, and when he his fingers touched hers, it was a shock of joy, anger, and of course, a sense what could happen. But, Marnie was determined to make it right this time. 

"I'm Sebastian, happy to meet you." His gaze, enchanting and a new hope she'd never felt before.