Saturday, December 24, 2011

Monica and Jared

There were just too many boxes to come home too. And it wouldn't do. It was as if her life had been on hiatus the last couple of months. Off with Jared in the wild blue yonder, out on the prairie of Canada watching a field mice of sorts in its habitats.

"I didn't think Canada had a prairie." Her brother still annoyed her with the idea that she must have gone to Paris or somewhere.

"Look, how many times have I told you." Monica was fierce. Christmas was coming and her brother didn't even care. He'd left the place in a mess and now he expected her to shape it up in time for a full course dinner and a tree and presents. "Shut up, already!" She eyeballed him, giving him a list of things to do. Why on earth had he chosen her room to store crap in.

"Because I didn't think you were coming back." He shrugged when she questioned him more of his tactics.

"Well, I'm back." It was just she and Jared hadn't decided where they'd live. They needed a place of their own. Yet the holidays were in the way. It just wasn't fair.

They'd done so well, to make out in the sticks. She'd taken photos of nature. They'd sled in the snow even cross-country skiing. Now she missed it. And to come home to this.

"I hate it here." She texted Jared, right away.

"You don't mean it." He texted right back because he knew how homesick she really was.

"Maybe, I've changed." Was her next text. Only he didn't text back. She could see it now. He was having a good laugh, now wasn't he?

Monica sighed. She felt as if she'd gone around in circles. But it was time to take out the trash. She pointed to the bags by the back door in the kitchen. She was needed here. Even if it was to bark orders to her brother.


  1. merry X-mas !!!

  2. Aw, I'm glad they are back home now. Merry Christmas!

  3. Well, she hasn't changed much since being in the Canadian outback.

    Merry Christmas!!