Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

I'm feeling a bit of a panic.

Lars and I are going on our first major adventure together. I dunno why this worries me. Maybe its because I'll be away from the things I like to do. At home.

We will be traveling by car. I'm hoping we don't get lost. It is possible. I want to have faith in him. I need too.

Maybe that's why my boss and I have had kind of a chat about me and work. Not that I've done anything wrong. Other than say too much. I told her she made me feel stupid. Because, she's not on the up and up with me. She will say I should know these things when she's never informed me at all about certain projects we are working on.

Part of the time, we are good friends..and then, she turns on me and makes me feel I don't do anything. But I have a feeling I'm not the only one in this boat. This is just life at work. And with all the economy problems, more people get yelled at, at work too.

"Just two dudes playin word association games, kickin back with a couple of pumpkin ales."  -new girl

I know I have to keep my mouth shut. But its so hard to do.

At least the novel is done..although, some where I probably need to add another 2 thousand words or so..just to be on the safe side when ever I get to load that novel up at Nanowrite more.

There are things I did like the novel..yet places it went..well, I think if I had more time I would have nurtured it more...and maybe not have thrown it in such strange directions.

If only I could have written something from a dream..

Perhaps as winter sets in, I usually have to write about more gritty things. Not exactly pulp fiction..but occasionally freaky things do happen in the story I like to write, and sometimes..a dark dream helps.

Anyway..I still want to see LIKE CRAZY. At this point I'll probably have to see it on video. I guess I'll have to watch the next installment of the Twilight movie, although, I really don't care much for the story, nor the actors..but still..just because...

I hate that about myself.

I did see IMMORTALS. It was so much better than I imagined.

I'm totally hooked on SECRET CIRCLE. Each episode just gets better..spoiler alert..I'm thinking now Cassie just had a moment with her half-brother. But of course, they didn't know they were half-siblings.

Last but not least..HELL ON WHEELS on AMC. I think I'll be tuning in to that show. There are no westerns..and its kind of cool to see one. This one is really cool too, and I really like the main character and the Native American guy in the top hat.

So back to Lars and me. I feel so sleepy around him. Is this a good sign or not. Well, we are busy. And I don't really get to see him until night. But its getting cold and he's a real body heater, and makes TV all the more relaxing. Although, I have been staying away from the TV for a while..writing and all, But its was pure happiness to be by his side to watch TV. A simple pleasure.


  1. Dreams do make for the best material sometimes, they free your imagination while making things seem real.

  2. I loved the new girl Thanksgiving episode. Zooey and Justin are so cute together!!

  3. I think you guys will have a lot of fun together :) Haha I get sleepy around Joel too, I think it's because we can relax and be completely ourselves. That's awesome that you got your novel finished already! I tried and gave up half way through, I'm back to writing short stories until I feel like I'm good enough to attempt again.