Monday, November 14, 2011

nanowrite more days

I'm at the 40,000 mark now..and writing.

Of course, Lar's is a bit put off with me. I know there are things I should be doing, like laundry, the dishes, cooking. Lots of domestic things..and not spending enough time with him. He doesn't mean to pout. But it happens. And a part of me feels I've let him down too. I didn't mean too.

Oh..and I almost finished with the white crocheted hat for my cousin's wedding. I doubt she ever wears it. Like so many I've made hats for. Although, a co-worker at work wants me to make a slouch hat for her. So I'm pleased about that.

There is also the novel to think about. Funny, how it is a story of a girl who joins a band, perhaps she's running away from her old life. Yet, I had to bring that old life to the story, too. Its hard to say, just where the story fits in the scheme of things. But its a lot like life...light and darkness.

So..stringing the story along is not easy. Enter a would be rock star by way of being a teen sensation..Declan. Yes, I had to rely on what I see...with actors like Landon Liboiron who sing in their free-time which sort of inspired me, although, this Declan is kind of full of himself. Actually, I think its something that keeps him out of trouble.

It was easy to see everyone was getting just a little stressed with the trip. It wasn’t that we were on the fanciest bus in the world. There was a place to sleep, a bathroom and a fridge. We weren’t exactly mega stars and we weren’t the only band on the bus. We picked up three guys out of Chicago on our way to Michigan.
Of course, I’d never heard of them. The others acted as it they’d done a show with them, last summer evidently. So they had a lot to talk about. Everything from what inspired them to who almost died of a heart failure on stage.
I listened wondering just what kind of crowd were these people. Rick and the guys were pretty much regular people to me. Not into drinking or pot, but they had everyday jobs, or at least were taking college classes.
“So, do you sing?” This tall lanky fellow Declan looked me over, knowing I was the new girl. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“No.” I shook my head, “I just, you know, set it up, break it down. Sound.” I shrugged.
“I think these guys should put YOU in the band.” He grinned. “You just might be the shot they need.”
“No, I don’t think so.” I shook my head. He didn’t even know me. We’d just met. Was he coming on to me? I went to check messages on my phone. Of course, I didn’t have any. Before I knew it, this guy with long ginger hair was sitting next to me.  It was like I was his new best friend or something.
“So what do you do for fun?” He wanted to know.
I dug a paperback out of my backpack and put it in front of my face.
“Oh really.” He snatched the book from me and gave it a look over. It was just something to look through that I found at the thrift place. Declan started reading the back cover.
“I’m going to quiz you on this book.” He smirked.
“No, you’re not. I just got it.” OK, it was from my adventures back in South Dakota. I snatched it back. “I haven’t even read it.”
Suddenly, there was this fresh energy between us as if we’d always known each other. Like we were kindred spirits that found our way back to each other, after a very long journey. Except, this one was just starting.
“You’re so spunky.” He teased then, down right silly. “You’re like. Punky Brewster, remember that show? Just saw it other day on TV LAND. I think I’ll start calling you, Punky”
“You don’t even, know me.” I wrestled with the book which was actually an Anne Rule book that was nonfiction. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time when I picked it up.
“Yeah, but the thing is, I do want to know you.” He said so slyly, pulling the book back in his grasp.
I stared at his sincere blue eyes. I didn’t see this coming. But here we were killing time together. Instantly. I let him have the book then. I watched him open the book to the first page.
“Would you like me to read it to you?” He had to be teasing.
“No, that’s not necessary.” I sighed. Wishing, I didn’t want to get enough of him. But here he was, and I couldn’t ignore him.
He giggled slightly as his body edged closer to mind.
“Do you make out much?” His question caught me off guard as I almost winked with a smile. I didn’t mean too.
“Is that a trick question?” I couldn’t see there really being a right answer to the question. I was a little shocked, but then I got the impression that Declan enjoyed shocking people.
“What? That put you off?” His shoulder nudged mind.
“I just met you.” What was he getting at?
“But we’re friends, right?” His eyes kept staring at me as if he was taking me in to make some sort of assessment. I hadn’t a clue if I passed are failed with him.
“Yeah, I guess so.” I felt stuck. I didn’t see this happening. We weren’t even there yet and I felt as if this encounter which might have been all of five minutes had jumped into a relationship.
“What I’m getting at...” He wasn’t so persuasive in his bluntness. “I-I need someone to, you know, keep me from the party-life. I could do the same for you.”
I nodded. I guess I knew what he meant.
“That’s such a gentleman of you, to offer.” I remarked as if we might be playing some game instead.
“You really think I’m a gentleman?” He was being a bit silly. “OK, I am straight edge.”
“OK.” I didn’t know where this might be going, but here we were heading closer to our destination.
“I know, you don’t smoke.” Declan noted as he sniffed my hair. I really hadn’t been this close to anyone since Rene.
“Huh.” I hadn’t even thought about smoking.
“I think ...I think we could be good for each other.” His look was serious. No funny stuff.
I wanted to laugh. I looked at Rick. Wasn’t that what Rick and I were to each other?
“Sure.” I left it at that. I bit my bottom lips, wondering just what the benefits would be of our so-called friendship.
Soon enough, he went to sleep next to me in my bunk and I started to read this real-life crime book. Why in the world had I gotten this book?
“You know, this is the easiest day you’ll get in  a very long time on this trip.” Declan finally awoke, and I wasn’t even aware he was talking to me.
“You’re kind of being a downer, right now.” I informed him.
“Not if you come over here, and kiss me.” He pursed his lips as if he had some long lost makeout session to makeup with me.
“How do I know, you’re even serious?” Now maybe I was being a tease, but before I could get that question answered, Rick interrupted.
“Hey, I need to talk to you,” Rick said. I looked up at him, but I guess it wasn’t in my bunk that he wanted to talk.
“What is it?” I wondered if I needed to be doing something at the moment. I was half way through this book I’d been reading.
“I dunno if I like what’s going on between you two.” His look was concerned and suddenly, I felt as if I’d done something really wrong.
“What do you mean?” I was sure Declan was all talk and nothing else.
“Are you aware, who you’re talking too?” He winced all serious.
“Evidently, not.” I’m sure what ever it was, Rick was right. I should listen. But this guy was in my bunk. How was I exactly to get Declan out of my bunk.
“He’s on a TV show.” Rick told me.
“What?” Somebody was really pulling my chain. I looked back at my bunk. There Declan was all comfortable reading my book. “What show?” I didn’t watch TV.
“Its some teen show. I think he was let go. He’s not completely popular, but he thinks he’s a rockstar too.” Rick told me.
“Does he?” I had no idea this was my first time to even meet the guy. Why was he even interested in me?
“The joke is on you. He’s fascinated that you didn’t recognize him.” Rick said in such a low voice. I blinked. I really was a sucker for a pretty boy, evidently. I bit my bottom lip, hoping I could stay just as aloof in this weird game I was playing with Declan. As it was, I was still going to act like he was nobody to me. Well, at least I’d try.


  1. A good story always knows where it came from. A good back story, whether used during the novel or not is never a waste of time. Through the readers into the middle of things. It makes your world feel more real.

  2. Declan definitely sounds like a character.

  3. I love the name Declan..and he sounds like a handfull.