Monday, November 7, 2011

nanowritemoredays- Rick and Crystal

OK, I'm up to 20,000 words and counting.

My novel is about a girl named Crystal. A white girl who lives on an Indian reservation. She hasn't had the easiest life. She's not even sure how she came about living there, actually. And her foster mom Marie has run out on her. Although, she has her Native American grandmother to count on and a so called 'brother' named Chance.

Unfortunately, the brother she's known all her life is suddenly in the downward spiral of things. He's a little out of control. And Crystal finds herself running away. With the luck of a friend, possibly boyfriend, Rene, she finds a job at a truckstop in Rapid City. Of course, Rene doesn't stick around long. He returns to the reservation for mysterious reason, or it might be the only place he knows.

While she's working at the truckstop. She meets Rick who's in an indie band.

I guess when you write a story, I try to stretch it as far as the reader might think it believable. I wanted the story to be a mystery about a girl who isn't sure how she got where she grew up. Yet in a sense its a very old story, too.

White children with Indians. Yet, this is a modern take on that tale.

I had my key and knew where the bus stop was. At least it was a chance to make my way on my own to the library. But then again, what was the point. A part of me felt I’d be let down. It had been a dead end about finding my mother. Besides, it was frigid out and I really wasn’t dressed for this weather. Maybe I could find GOODWILL instead. I did have a little money I could spend.
Of course, I didn’t have Rene’s bacon and eggs breakfast to get me started, but I did find a MacDonalds along the was for hot coffee and something on the dollar menu. Yet I felt every dime I spent would be one more cent I wished I’d kept in my pocket. I had to wonder how we got by as long as we did on the Rez.
There was always a pile of clothes to sift through. Hand me downs from others. There were things I’d worn that Chance’s mother had when she was growing up. At the moment, what I really needed was a good coat. I had to find a Good Will or Salvation Army to see if I could find something to keep me warm. I couldn’t just sit in that motel room waiting for Rene to show up.
It had only been a day since he went back, but it felt more like a week or a year to me. I needed something to keep me busy. Something to read. I knew I couldn’t get a library card. Where I lived was not exactly a home address. So I took the leziure of the morning to see what these thrift shops might have to offer. This way, I wasn’t counting on finding a miracle of some kind at the library.
If only Rene was with me, it would have been perfect, but as I took to looking through clothes and digging through shelves of ten cent books I found something to smile about. And I wasn’t breaking the bank, doing it.
I found a warm coat for twenty bucks. It was from Eddie Bauer. It had to be warm. And it was. It was brown with a furry hood. Perhaps it was a steal. The parka like coat wetn past my knees. It was thermal too. I went to look for thermal leggings. I found some gray ones for a quarter. I felt like I hit the jackpot. I found a couple of long sleeved shirts. They weren’t exactly my color, but then again, I wasn’t trying to be a fashionista, either.
“I thought that was you.” I heard someone say, but I didn’t pay them any mind as I was looking at cheap thrill reads in the book section. Finally, he touched my arm. I looked up. It was the guy from the band.
“What are you doing here?” I couldn’t remember his name.
“I was hoping to find the perfect shirt, you know.” He grinned as if he was getting ready for a big night.
“You should come to the concert.” His smile was open. It did sound fun, but I shook my head, no.
“I can’t. Gotta work.” I shrugged.
“Can’t you move your shift around, or something.” He winced as if there had to be a way for me to see his band.
“Don’t think so.” I picked up CATCHER IN THE RYE. Gold mine. “Sorry. I just started.”
“I see.” He saw what I had in my hands too. “One of my favorites.” His fingers touched mine. I backed away. Instantly.
“I have boyfriend.” I said so automatically. I supposed Rene was my boyfriend. I wanted what we had to be enough, but right now it really wasn’t. If I had his ring, or his necklace. Something.
“I have one too.” He was being cute. But I didn’t smile. I didn’t say anything. I slightly squinted wondering what he exactly meant. Did he mean boyfriend? I didn’t ask. I decided I had enough and went to the cashier.
Some older woman must have been buying clothes for an orphanage. It took forever for her items to be rung up. Before I knew it, the guy from the band was right behind me. He’d found what he was looking for. Some old T-shirt with a peace sign on it. He’d found a pair of old man’s pants and suspenders too.
“Did you need a lift?” He asked as I was getting ready to go out in the cold again.
“That’s all right.” I shook my head. I didn’t need to take up anymore of his time than I had. Maybe he was nice, but what if he wasn’t?
“The wind chill has to be below zero out there.” He looked at me as if I were crazy.
“It’ll get worse.” It was time to make my way to the library which was a block or so away. I could catch the bus there. It would be all good. I could take a nap before I went to work. Or just read. If only I could have found some yarn and crochet hooks, it would been even better, but I couldn’t complain. I left it at that, and was on my way.
The wind was bad. Tears were in my eyes suddenly as I made my way down the block. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that the van was following me. I didn’t know what to think. I stopped at the stop light.
“Hey, its too cold for you to go anywhere.” He rolled his window down just to tell me this.
Maybe he was right. I opened up the passenger door and got in.
“Look, I’m not a psycho or anything.” He promised.
“All right.” But I kept my hand on the handle just in case I needed to jump out.
“So where is your boyfriend when you need him?” He wanted to know.
“He went back to the rez.” I shrugged.
“Reservation?” He winced then.
I nodded. But the way he looked at me it was as if I couldn’t be associated with anyone who lived there.
He asked me if I were hungry.
“I better get back.” I didn’t want anything from him. But I thanked him for the ride when he got me to the motel.
“Remember, I’m Rick.” His concern overwhelmed me a bit. I guess he really was a nice guy.
“Rick.” I nodded as if I’d remember. Maybe. “Thanks again, for the ride."
“Why don’t I give you my phone number? In case you need anything?” Rick smiled then.
“I don’t have a phone.” I shrugged back.
“You don’t have a phone?” He squinted hard as if I must be an idiot.
“Bye.” I waved, and turned to go. I was in the cold, after all.


  1. Interesting chapter.

  2. I find Rick to be a pretty much caring person. I hope he is.

  3. Keep writing!

    I know its not easy. But you can do ut!

  4. Definitely like the premise! and look at you go 20,000 words! that awesome.