Wednesday, November 2, 2011

nanowrite more days

"A part of me felt foolish to be brave now. Wasn’t this what I wanted? Something simple and playful to call my own. Why did I need to dig into the past when I had everything I ever longed for, right in front of me."-Crystal Clear

Day 2 of the November novel write month..and I'm trying to devote the day to writing..if possible.

Of course, I think of this novel as a journey of some kind. Sometimes, its like a cleansing. Other times, I surprise myself.

Halloween came and went. I'm sort of in a fickle mood with Lars. Not that I'm mad at him. Its just, I dunno..everything he says makes me kind of mad..

It started with Dad. And then he takes Dad's side. How could he? Really? I'm trying to be calm about it, but what if November just isn't our month.

Even TOMS is getting in on this month, too.

Lars has decided to do Movember thanks to hairy Caleb. Since I'm writing a novel he's gonna try to a mountain man or ZZ tops with a new mustache.


All I need for the holidays. It doesn't feel like much of a holiday though. I know..get out this funk..start writing.

Just do it.

3361 words and counting....

P.s..its snowing! too....


  1. Statistically March is the worst month for break-ups to occur.

  2. Oh funny about the mustache.

  3. Just keep writing!

  4. ur writing is amazing...sumtimes it can be ahrd but u r good at at...:)