Monday, October 31, 2011


How could I not be inspired by Guss Carr. Especially, living here in the heartland of the states. Of course, we need more movies with him.

But if I'm inspired by him, his character would have to be complex. Is he truly good? Or is he truly bad? Does he even know? Hopefully, and I think I will, have fun writing about a Native American character who looks a good bit like him.

If only I could actually produce pictures of the movie in my head. Oh well....

Nanowritemore is on my mind. Although, I want to stick with writing, not socializing at all these midnight gatherings about. Its funny how that works. So many e-mails from other writers doing this November novel thing. When do they find TIME to write?

And I've been told that Dad wants us to go with him to Arizona later this if..doubt it, but I need that on top of everything else in November.


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