Monday, November 28, 2011

after all said and done

For the most part...

Lars and I didn't get lost much.  But there was that one time, I was pretty sure he dragged the bottom out of the car. That was scary. We do know that we definitely need a GPS now. Lars is very old school. He likes to look at the map while he drives. Not a good idea.

We did fall in love with Tusc0n. Actually, it was a bit of a chill when we were there, so we don't know just how hot it can get there. Our room was very expensive at the resort where my cousin was married. It was good to meet the groom. My cousin didn't have a wedding party since her best friend deployed a week before the wedding. So the groom didn't have a best man, either. Even so..after all the picture taking, well..he almost passed out.

And there were times, my cousin was so mad at him. But he's a pretty good guy and I know he loves her very much. They are really cute together.

I loved the street art in Tuscon.

Of course, I got plenty of questions..of when did I stop dying my hair black..from my grandmother I never see. They were a bit of a pain. I love them very much..still we didn't drive three days just to drive her and my grandfather everywhere. We so should have flown. My other cousin did with his girlfriend. It was good to hang out with them and find time to get beer and wine down off the mountain that didn't cost a fortune. Honestly, I do feel very close to them now and really would not mind going on a vacation with them.

Lars got along with my cousin too. They went to the driving range.

Anyway, we drove there in three days and drove back in two. Lars only had one incident that he went the wrong way, thankfully, nothing bad happened. However, we did see one car wreck on the way back in Kansas with left the interstate to a grind for about twenty minutes. Also, it was not a piece of cake driving through El Paso. We completely missed Thanksgiving. I feel a be wabbly still. I need more sleep.

Its waiting just on the outskirts of Las Cruces, NM

The novel is finished and validated. YEAH! Of course, I have no idea if its worth reading or not. Right now, I just want to rest. Hopefully, Lars is doing OK, too.

We did spend the night at a very cool place in Las Cruces. There was a big hot chili pepper in the parking lot. It was ran by an Australian man and his wife. They were very kind and generous. Everywhere we went to stay the nights there was free wi-fi, except at the resort. 12 bucks a day.



  1. It sounds like a good road trip to me, I have had worse. I pretty much can come up with a worse story for any situation though ;). I guess that is why they call us story tellers.

  2. great trip!!! adorable pics!!! who took them? so love it!!! enjoyed your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!