Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

October has flown by so quickly. Its turned off cooler too. Winter can't be too far behind.

I got chased by a doberman on a walk. It was freaky. Thankfully he turned out nice. It was so funny his owner kept saying, "He's nice. He's nice." But it was scary and..very scary. Now I feel silly mentioning it. The doberman's owner was pretty cute, too. Amazingly, I noticed.

Well, we've gone to a haunted house that ended up fairly lame. As much as you spend on such things. I also wanted to get a slice of apple carmel pie, but they were out.

I didn't really like my dinner when we went out on Saturday night. The chef didn't like the look of the steak so I got hamburger which was pretty tasteless. But Lars got a fried cheese grilled sandwich and loved it.

My cat got into the catnip and kind of went crazy. We have some in the back yard and Dad brought it in. He put in on the kitchen counter. Next thing we know, its gone and the cat is in the floor on his back tripping or something. That's about as exciting as its gotten.

Lars and watched HOWLING REBORN which we had a good laugh at. A movie that went straight to video. I dunno. Usually, I like werewolf films, but this one was ..I have no idea where it was actually going. I reviewed it at Ivy's Closet.

Still find myself thinking about the nanowritemore challenge. Wondering if I can possibly do it. Should I even try with everything going on at work. I am pretty peeved with my supervisor at the moment who neglected to tell me anything going on. I think she enjoys making you feel like an imbecile.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


  1. I want to go to a haunted house! I don't care what the owners says if a dog is chasing me I'd be scared too.

  2. Doberman's are scary looking! I don't blame you one bit for being afraid. I hate haunted houses! I am just to much of a wimp to go in them.

  3. Oh, that would be my scare for Halloween..being chased by a doberman.

  4. Scary moment!
    Yummy pie!

    Hope all is well about the novel.

  5. That pie looks so amazing! YUM. Hope you do get a chance to do NaNoWriMo!! I feel like you'd really enjoy it.

  6. I'd be scared if a dog chased me too!!! Haha I wish you had recorded your cat on catnip, I think it would be hilarious! I need to give mine some one day :)