Monday, October 24, 2011

National Novel Writing Month

Its almost here! Somehow I managed to get my quota of words in last year before the month of was up(50,000). Just not sure how I can manage it this November. But it is a way to entertain myself if nothing else. It is an awful lot for a friend to read after you've written over 50 thousand words.

Last years story was in third person, based on a character I write about in my story blog. However, this year I've decided to think of someone in first person that I haven't actually written about. I have Jillian Rose Reed for inspiration. My friend writes a character inspired by her at Lucy & Sarah. The character's name is Sage. This character Crystal will be a little bit like her. After seeing and listening to Jillian's was more inspiring of someone who wants to be a rocker. But who knows where the story will go.

She's not your beautiful warrior girl, yet spunky and perhaps I have more in common with. This year's story will be in first person.

Oddly, I was writing a first person story while I was writing the other novel (Going through changes), last year, and I felt so much more comfortable with the first person story, wishing I could have started over with the other storyline...but..I kept challenging myself, and wanted to see the original story through.

This will mean no TV. No extra fun. Yet, this is fun to me. Writing. If only, I could get those descriptions in more, but its the dialogue and plot that I love.

Its getting cold, anyway. Although, there is Lars to worry about. Its not like he'd try to keep me from doing something I enjoy. Saying that, I had boyfriend in the past who didn't want me writing. Thinking I was pretty dumb, all around. Maybe I am.

Sometimes, I do bring out the worst in friends. Yet, I feel none of my friends know nothing about me. Honestly, it is hard to be the person they want me to be, sometimes. So maybe its just suppose to be this way.

Still, I haven't put too much thought in the storyline. Only 8 days away before the writing begins.



  1. I think u should keep on writing and I think someone who write is really smart and you bring up your imagination Dear kisses have a wonderful day

  2. Every year I keep saying I will write my memoirs of my experiences since my divorce (it would be in first person of course). Perhaps this is the year.

    Kudos to you for writing so much!

  3. Oh, you should definitely do! Bath! I love your stories!