Friday, October 28, 2011

Crackship Friday -I'm Running Back to You


If only Sebastian could wish them somewhere else. Preferably, somewhere soft and one could get a good nights sleep. Although, he'd seen Marnie's room already, and he knew it wasn't much with a thin bed and posters of indie bands she dreamed of seeing.

No, he braced himself for the worst. They were falling so quickly and he clinched his teeth, holding her close, hoping her powers kicked in. Now.

But he plunged to the ground first, and it was dark and dusty. She collapsed on top of him, startled by the dusty. He could barely see her.

"You have to make it light." He told her.

"Me? How?"  She didn't move.

He cracked his bones into place.

"Just think OK. You have to imagine it." He sighed thinking she was possibly heavier than he realized.

There was light. Marnie smiled. She got off Sebastian and looked around the old brick room.

"What is this place?" She squinted walking toward a tunnell.

"Hey, don't go down there." He told her. "Its a well, what do you think?"

"I think that's not the whole truth." She looked back at him as he shook what dust he could from himself with a stomp but not quite a jig.

He held out his index finger to show her the grains of shiny dust. "See this?"

"Is that gold?" She winced.

"Sort of. Not exactly, to everyone. But to some, its better than gold." He almost smirked. "Its fairy dust."

"Fairy dust?" He knew by that look she didn't seem quite convinced.

"You made it where we could see where we were going, didn't you?" He reminded her.

"You could have done that." She looked at her hands, her arms. The fairy dust was all over her.

"But I didn't." He informed her then he was here to protect her. After all, he was the changling and she was the fairy.


  1. love it can't wait to read more

  2. Oh, my..getting so interesting.