Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

It rained most of Sunday. Such a chill in the air. Great snuggling weather.

OK, I'll admit it. I do like when Lars leaves me notes and his little doodles of hearts. He got the car Saturday, and I got to sleep in since it was a fine mist out. It was nice to find his note. It made me smile. Something simple as that.

I did help my friend move in to her apartment. She's so organized. But then again, she's been packing for like months now. She finally got the lease. This is her first place. This meant, she repainted her furniture, weeks before. I had no idea she was into Shabby Chic so much.

Finally finished the MisFits. Then I watched a few clips of Robert Sheehan in an Irish show Love/Hate. It was a really serious role for him. Straight hair too. Still, it was so hard to take him serious..since he'll always be Nathan on MisFits to me. I suppose he's afraid he'll get to why he didn't return to MisFits. Still, he was great fun to watch in Cherry Bomb with Rupert Grint.

If only I were in Ireland to see him on stage in Playboy of the Western World

I suppose things are OK at work. Although, we are short-handed. I did get a call from a friend who had to work the weekend, to tell me all the woes at work. I just had to keep smiling, hoping things will get better...soon.

 I gotta new clock. Cheap and runs on a battery. Still the ticking drives me crazy at night. I think Lars could sleep through anything. Sunday morning I was awoke at 4 or so to a cat fight that I'm pretty sure was right under our window. Last year, I was furious. Ran downstairs and jerked the basement door open, just to see this huge black can showing me his fangs. I didn't feel much like doing that this time. Besides, it was all warm and toasty in bed. As of yet, Dad probably won't put the heat on ...until..maybe..just maybe November. Which, I don't think Lar's would want the heat on, either.


  1. Born Ruffins..a lot like Robert Sheehan...=)

  2. I like that picture of hand over t-shirt.

    Thanks for visit my blog and for your copmliment :) I'm happy for every new visitor :)

  3. cute quote and so nice he leaves you little notes!

  4. Aw, little notes are so so sweet!

  5. That's so sweet that he left you notes! Your post was so positive today, I'm glad you have had a good week :)

  6. That's cute that he leaves you little notes, what a nice way to start your day :)

  7. I just watched awkward yesterday too haha. Thank you! I really love doing little creative things like that (:

  8. Aw, little notes are always so cute! I've never gotten one, though.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a good day, lovely!