Monday, September 19, 2011


STORYLINE: Rachel (Emily Osment) needed a job, but all she could find was a job at the Mystery Manner. Halloween is just around the corner. Little did she know about the paranormal activities that went on there. And she had no idea that someone (Kyle Gallner) actually lived in the haunted house, too. This college girl is in for a ghost story with the help of Josh. But will they ever get out of the haunted house that so many come to visit for a Halloween treat? Or will they be part of the show? There are real ghosts. Rachel is sure of it, now.

REVIEW: Who better than to show his dark side? Kyle Gallner. Emily Osment holds her own, as well. Her Rachel might be stronger than she knows. Kyle is definitely great at suspense and even horror. Together, they are definitely worth watching.


  1. I'd most definitely like to see those 2 together.

  2. I like this blog so much is so cool. I hope you can check out mine.

  3. sounds like, its worth a watch....interesting

  4. babe i have a mahoosive blog crush on your blog :) its greeat :) xx

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  5. Really interesting.

    I know Emily only from the days when my son is still watching Hannah Montana and she can hold her own in there. Nice to know she has film projects now.