Friday, September 23, 2011

Crackship Friday - Monica and Jared

Jared couldn't resist it any longer. He'd watched Monica sleep enough. He brought her tea in bed.

"What time is it?" She was barely awake.

"Dunno, maybe 7:30." He'd been up for hours. He'd even done some work, which meant charting someone's habits which was rather boring, but he wouldn't get into it with Monica. After all, the lab was in the basement, and it was something he didn't really want to involve Monica.

"7:30?" She squinted sleep from her eyes, but she took the tea as if she might have been malnourished, already. "How long have you been up?"

"Since 4." He did have a schedule. Although, he didn't really discuss it. He was only following directions.

"4 in the morning? Are you kidding me?" She told him she didn't know. She thought he was still asleep next to her.

"You were very tired." Jet lagged. Was that it?

"I guess." She drank more tea.

Jared got up. "Well, you can sleep more if you wish."

"What are you going to do?" She put the tea down and got up.

"Eat cereal." He shrugged. He's already drank a pot of tea. Perhaps coffee was in order. Honestly, he could have crawled back in bed and went right to sleep, but he needed to check on the progress, down below. But there she went to the bathroom.

He felt a smile deep inside, like a bubble ready to pop. "But first a shower, with you." That seemed important, suddenly. She definitely had a way of making him forget why he was here.


  1. <3 cheers for your post ... have fllowed you now x

  2. I dunno..those two might distract each other.

  3. Awesome next installment.

  4. Interesting to see if they can do this..all alone.