Monday, September 26, 2011


STORYLINE: Mal (Sam Huntington) notices some strange happenings at the hospital. Charts are saying one thing about patients when its evidently not true. Unbelievable seizures that leave people without memories. Possibly, not even human. What's happening? Mal wants to know, but he soon finds his job at the Emergency room is threatened. But he has to know what is going on. Is there something sinister happening? Perhaps a government plot? Everyone might be susceptible to the virus.

REVIEW: Sam Huntington stars with Diane Agron in a thriller. They work at the hospital. She's a nurse and he works on the floor in the Emergency room. Huntington's character stars seeing some really wild things, and its not because of a full moon. What starts as a tease, is soon intensely serious. With the help Argon's Lucy, the two find themselves on the run. But they might be able to help patients. Especially, if they would only stop eating meat.

Huntington is always at his best in a thriller. Agron needs more films like this.


  1. Wow, never thought of those 2 together.

  2. Sam is perfect for this kind of movie.

  3. haha his face show us how sweet he is! I'm following, follow me :)