Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

My brother's back is still out of whack. Seriously, he looks like he might be crippled when he walks. Once again, he has to use the car. His is not stirring right. Usually, he  and Lars go together to work, but he needs it a couple of nights.

I keep wondering if it would be like this if my brother and his girlfriend were still together. He's called, left texts. Nothing from her. I did see her sister other day with a new Goth guy. I haven't seen her that happy in a long time. But as long as Missy  is in control, well..nothing is gonna change her world. But she didn't mention her sister, and I didn't ask.  Missy and I are at least speaking to each other now. It wasn't always like that.

Still lov'n MTV's AWKWARD

I guess it started when I was hanging out with her boyfriend. We had classes together. He was kind of weird. Well, it would be freaky that he knew what kind of undies I wore, since he was the kind of guy who liked to go undie shopping. Undie shopping with me. He could talk nonstop about girls. Guess, thats why it never worked out with us. I knew him too well. He knew me too well. Then he was dating Missy. And she hated me.

The last time we spoke, he told me I looked pregnant. Then he ran-away. Not very far. But his Mom thought he was with me. It was a big misunderstanding. He just didn't want to choose the life his parents wanted. So he came back and Missy was history. Then his new girlfriend got pregnant. They haven't had an easy time. And I haven't seen him in forever. But he's the guy that kept Missy and me from being friends..I guess.

Its just so different now. I think of the holidays with my brother and his girlfriend together. We liked to go places. Out to eat. Parties. I hope she's doing OK..but she won't speak to me, either.

Work has been OK. I guess. Although, I feel sometimes, my boss puts us on hold for a lot of things. Then comes back to make you feel you should already know this. I guess her boss is giving her grief. A vicious circle.

I did read in the paper the BEAST(my aspy friend) lost his job at Borders. I haven't seen him around lately. The weather has been beautiful. I've taken a few walks..listening to Barnacle Warship by Johnny Flynn on repeat. It just gives me a bit of a kick in my step. I guess. Lars and I walked down to the baseball field. I dunno who was even playing. But it was nice.

The first part really got to me..over population of the they had to hide their little girl.
zoe plays with dinos while matti & josh get used to going back in time.

We watched Terra Nova Monday night. Lars has already labeled it stupid. He might be right. Its a sci-fi story sort of Jurassic Park meets Avatar. The thing is..they are the future that goes back in time 85 million years..don't they remember the Apocalypse coming that wipes out the dinosaurs? Its not Firefly..which I so loved. Unfortunately, Landon Liboiron sticks out like a sore thumb. He's the white kid in the family of 3 kids. Too bad Avan Jogia didn't get his part.

He would have been a better fit..& hey, he could have his shirt off all the time on the show.

And Josh is a whiny teenager on top of that. But its good to see Landon in more than just Degrassi.

What I have been watching that I love is BEING HUMAN, the American version. Which is a lot like the UK version. Even the sets. I must say I love Sam Huntington as the werewolf. I didn't find Whitney on NBC all that funny, nor UP ALL NIGHT.

I know I should go to sleep. Someone is already snoring. But not too bad.


  1. Awww thanks for your comment, it made my day..
    I'm following you. I think your blog is amazing... awesome... terrific... more? there's no need to, because I would spend my day here writing how cool your blog is!
    Hope you follow me back dear :)
    xox, Rita

  2. I love Landon too..but it would have been amazingly a real hit if Avan had his part. But then I'd probably watch for all the wrong reasons then.

  3. Breakups are always hard, especially because the family kind of goes through a breakup as well - you become so attached to your family members significant others and then when that breaks off, it's really hard. I'm glad you guys are speaking again (obviously I know nothing of the story beyond what's written here, but I can imagine it's difficult!).
    I heard Whitney was AWFUL - not funny at all and really forced, so I'm glad I didn't watch!
    Hope you have a lovely week, xo!

  4. yah for Landon!!!i like him a lot..visit my blog and if you like it we can follow each other :)

  5. i really love it!

    your blog is great <3