Friday, September 16, 2011

Crackship Friday - Monica and Jared

Monica was wondering when her life would fast forward. Would it ever happen? Would Jared and she ever catch that plane and be off to where ever for this little paid internship of his?

They muttled through introductions with her dad. In fact, she laid down the law to her father about Jared.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Her father's question still woke her up as she dizzily went on with her life.

"Yes, of course." She remembered very vividly as if she were rather livid then. Now, it was a strange new world past the hustle of lives at the air port. After all, she was the one who drove them in the jeep into the bed of the forest and the deep sea of grass.

There it was a little cabin on the prairie.

"They say they have the INTERNET." Jared looked at her as if all was not lost. Of course, the reception vanished on her cell phone, 50 miles back.

It was beautiful and worrisome at the same time. Suddenly, she wasn't so sure what she believe as her eyes took in the place. So rustic in the vast surrounding. Was it completely safe? What would they do if intruders were about? Could Jared alone save them? Could anyone?

They unpacked quickly. Monica pulled her hair back to get to work. Although, she felt frighteningly numb.

"You like it?" She could see Jared was ecstatic about the surroundings. It was like letting a captured animal go back to his natural habitat while she alone felt she might be sick. What if she couldn't do this? She looked away. How could her dad have wished them well, so they could be on their way? Why didn't he tell her to stay home? Stay put.

Gravity might as well have let her float away into the night sky. She didn't want to be sad, but she was. Her body wobbled, unsure what to think nor how to act. She sat on the squeaky bed. Her eyes squinted hard. This was no time to be a baby, about this now. She knew. It was just trying to get her wits about her. It was baffling and possibly surreal.

"What is it?" He looked at her. Finally taking both her hands and pulling her back to reality. "You don't know how amazing it is, that you came." He hugged her close. "Otherwise, I'd have no one to talk to."

She breathed. Yes, she was breathing. His warmth made her see that she had to be here. She had to be.


  1. Great posi!thanks for sharing:D


    Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)

  2. Wow, you're very talented. :-)

    Fickle Cattle

  3. It sounds like it will be magical :) I would be nervous at first too as well though!