Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Fall is slowly progressing. Although, its been hot the last few days..just not today. I keep thinking I need to get my flu shot, but still thinking about it. Still need more sleep, yet I've been managing to get up before 6..thanks to someone.

My brother is on the mend. He got his car fixed. All is well..I guess...

Caleb didn't last so long in the medical study. 1. too many in the study. 2. they couldn't find his vein for the I-V..which he would have had to have in his arm the whole week. SO..this guy gets out and walks like over a 100 blocks ..just to catch a ride. (His girlfriend never woke up to get his call. My friend and I are thinking we aren't sure about her..anymore..). WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? Anyway, he doesn't want to do the stool softener one..thank god...

OK..I made grape jelly. Dad left it to me and Lars. Lars picked them. I didn't make much..since I'm not sure what I'm doing. Still not sure if I'm into the domestic stuff, but it gave us time to do something together that didn't cost anything.

Amber has gone blond and moved out.

I love his character on parenthood

PARENTHOOD is back. So many changes. Its fascinating. Not that they overhauled the show. Adam lost his job and his pregnant job is working for the City. Jason Ritter is back. I hope he stays on this show.

Better known as Chili these days


Well, I've been intrigued by Sebastian Gregory since I saw him in BEAUTIFUL. Of course, I had to create a character about him. But the more I find out about this actor/musician..I have to he's making the right choices? Being a drummer for the Veronicas. I hope he comes back to acting before its too late, before his youth is completely gone..and doesn't end up playing a strange freaky has-been rocker on SKINS. Maybe, just maybe Australia should look into their own SKINS show. He'd be prefect on that..right now. Meanwhile, I can keep writing about Jules.


  1. haha I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but sometimes I can't tell whether or not you are talking about your home or you are actually writing, I guess it is because you are just a very realistic writer haha (:

  2. this is my first time visiting your blog. nice work!! :)

  3. haha, but I like that about your writing, it makes me get really into it :D

  4. Caleb and his girlfriend. I hope she's good to him.