Friday, September 9, 2011

Crackship Friday - Monica and Jared


A quickie was overdue. Still a celebration after finding Monica's passport in her room in the bottom of her desk drawer covered in CD mixes. It was an exciting discover full of zest.

Well, that was the sex, come to think of it now. Honestly, Jared thought it was impulsed by love. He didn't have a doubt about it. Besides, it was this energy between them that anything was possible. Anything. Of course, the quickie might have been a rather long duration. Her father came home.

"Jesus, that was the other thing, wasn't it?" He nudged Monica off of him before it was a pure slumber. Not that he wasn't enjoying it, but this was parts of the rollercoaster of their sex life he didn't enjoy. A father coming home.

The man's footsteps were heavy and intense.

What was Jared to do? Squeeze under the bed and be coated in dust bunnies?

"Wake up!" The words were under Jared's breath.

"Monny, are you in there?" A male voice said.

Jared could hardly hear himself think. Yes, the moment arrived. The door knob turned. Didn't parents knock on the door first. Finally Monica  rose up on her elbows, her covers slipping, exposing all her glory. Jared eyeballed the door, but decided to stay put.

"JOEL! GET OUT OF HERE!" Monica yelled.

Jared was thankful it was just her brother, all scruffy and perhaps a little high. Jared stared at Joel's silly grin.

"Its not funny." Monica informed him.

But Joel cracked up as if it were true.