Wednesday, September 7, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Its felt like a very long week already.

I want him to get the KIA soul, but I doubt it.

1. my brother's car died, and then he almost broke his back pushing it to his parking spot in the parking lot. SO...he's been a real pest ever since. Went to a chiropractor which did not help. Then he finally went yesterday to the doctor. He's got some muscle relaxers. Still not sure what he'll do about that car of his. His friend swears he can fix it. Not fixed yet.

2. it feels like fall. Finally. There was like an all day Saturday storm.

3. the last grilling of the year. Maybe. Dad's grill has seen its better days. But we had company and of course, mojitos. Then my brother had to go on about all the woman calling him. Too bad he was out of commission. He would say that.

a local band by the name of THE FUTURE OF YESTERDAY
I read their blog. Hopefully, they'll play again one day. It was kind of weird..things that would happen where they couldn't have the show. Like one time, some dude messed up the men's restroom and they had to call off their show. Dang. Here's the lyrics to Trix aren't for Kids.

Trix Aren’t For Kids

Look at you so quaint so casual > you’d like to think that every thing is alright > no not this time > At the bottom of this bottle there’s a present from > me to you > laced with poison > drenched in apathy > (Yeah) / I’d like to show you my favorite magic trick > the one where you disappear and never come back again > So come here my lovely assistant who are you kidding / I hate you more than Michael Jackson > hates the court system > when everything goes wrong > I’m not like the other guys > I’d never lie to you > I’d never lie > I never liked you > Silly kid > tricks are for rabbits > your words from the past tense are stuck in the present > You turned your back on us > (Right before you disappeared) > You turned your back on us

4. Lars found an old CD demo someone was throwing out. THE FUTURE OF YESTERDAY. I guess they are no longer together. Caleb was talking about this one local band that kept breaking up and getting back together. We were trying to figure out who they were. Oh the mystery....

5. Caleb is going in for a 9 day medical study that is near the Animal Human Society ( I dunno..that fact bothers me a little). Hopefully it will go OK and his girlfriend won't wreck his car. I know he needs the money.

6. I canned 5 jars of salsa. I know, a very small batch. Which is actually a big batch for me. Its spicy.

7. I have fallen hard for Robert Shehan's Nathan on Misfits. I've been watching it on Hulu. Actually, I love the whole cast.

8. OK, I found a gift card that we got back in I went to the place by myself thinking, I'd hate to make anyone mad if it didn't work. It did. And I got a slice of chocolate cream pie which I can't remember the last time I had. While I was there, my close friend's all time #1 arch nemesis was my waitress...S. Actually, my friend has a few arch nemesis one might wonder why. I dunno if I know the answer to that.

Its kind of a long story(awhile back), we (K & Me) sort of had it out with S over a very long and ugly phone call that S and her boyfriend at the time made to my friend. My friend could hardly take all his obscene words, so I had to get on the cell and told him I wish he could be more descriptive instead of using the F word every five seconds. Somehow there was a spill in there about my friend and oral sex...which I questioned him about..even more. So about thirty minutes more of this harassment(we did hang up the first few times..but they kept calling back) we got the cop on the phone with this person...and that was the end of that and friend hates S very much.

But I didn't mention the phone call when S was waiting on me. Instead she wanted to know if K was still with the same boyfriend. And..she asked about Caleb. It was Caleb she was the most shocked about. "He was always so shy. I can't imagine him actually living with a girl..." It was good to catch up. Kind of. S didn't get married like I thought she did. Last time I heard she and the almost hubby were building house(her mother told me at the grocery store..who I know was really sorry for me at the time since I wasn't seeing anyone)...which I was like..Way to go S. But later when I told the co-worker about seeing her, she told me S is dating a drug dealer...or something like that. But S looked OK to me. She's still living at home. & much more down to earth than I remember. She liked going around with a shaved head, sometimes..back in high school. I think she's different now. The thing is, S had the biggest crush on K's boyfriend. But sometimes, I have to wonder if S had a crush on K, instead. In middle school they were the best of friends. I hope I didn't tell S too much info about K.


  1. aw, i hope your brother's car gets fixed or that he gets a new one. :)

    i also love robin tunney -- especially in the craft and now she's in the mentalist. :D

    <3, Mimi
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  2. I love KIA soul..& Robert Shehan..Hope things are better for S and also

  3. very cool those Kias haha :D


  4. Funny about the band mystery...& the war between K and S.

  5. Nothing like old times..heheheee..

  6. I hope your brother feels better!

    Eternally yours,

  7. a lil bit to be sorted out there soon i guess.. :P

  8. Oh that sucks about your brothers car :( Your family bbq sounds really fun though!

  9. Aw, I'm sure everything will work out okay :) Great photos to break up the writing! I love reading posts with lots of words though; I think too many photos and not enough words spoils blogging sometimes now hah :) Nice blog!