Friday, September 2, 2011

Crackship Friday - Monica and Jared

Monica knew she'd over reacted now. She hadn't meant to get her way, but it felt like a big snowball on a roll now. The insanity just wouldn't stop.

Jared's grandmother made over the ring. She went to get a bottle of champagne to celebrate while Monica and Jared waited in her quaint livingroom of antiques.

"Call your Dad, tell him to come over." She called from the kitchen.

"My Dad?" Monica's eye almost popped out. Her Dad knew nothing of Jared. This included the trip to Canada too. "Uh.." She cleared her throat.

"Monica?" Jared looked at her as if he made the connection now. "Crap." Jared bit the bottom of his lip, but he took Monica's hands. "We'll tell him together." He made it sound as if it wouldn't be a problem.

"Yeah." She winced as they waited for the bubbly to start.

"You've got a passport, don't you?" He asked which put Monica in another tizzy. It was the first she'd thought of it.

Her Dad? A passport? This was just too much to ask right now, and Jared was still worried about hiking boots. She wanted to admire her engagement ring, a little more. But the glasses of champagne were in their hands before she knew it, as they begin to toast with Jared's grandmother. How on earth would she ever think straight again?


  1. you really have talent for writing! great blog !

    have you seen my new post ?

  2. Well engagements should always be memorable right? This one definitely will be!

  3. oh the ups and downs of their love life!