Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie


Do you know how long its been since I've thought about this actor who played Maxie on SKINS? FOREVER...

Its kind of a funny dream. First of all I never ..ever have dreams about actors. On really rare occasions I'll have odd dreams about celbs..but nothing too significant..Like my book store dream where I found Michael Stipe looking at religious books and warning me not to tell anyone..he does things like this. was like a movie. I'm not even sure I was me. And Nicholas Hoult was at a party, I had the nerve to ask him about Mitch. You know, like how's he doing. Is he still acting..blah..blah thing I know..he's saying.."Why don't you see for yourself?"...So I go with him and his friends to the lake, like..why not.

It sort of felt like a scene out of MTV'S SKINS..where they are at the lake and Stan sees Michelle. There was a bon-fire. There he was. Just like he used to be. Not massive curls like he was in that other TV show he was in. Just blond Maxie. Fit. Of course.

He told me he was afraid he would never be on TV, again. But not to worry, he was busy. Doing theater and stuff. Still dancing. "What have I got myself into?" He told me he thought he'd have to keep dancing. He wasn't so sure he liked it as much as he used too. But we held hands. And then he kissed me. Of course, I'm not going to tell Lars about this dream. Lord knows what he'd tease me about then. But that was a first. A dream with a kiss. And it was a great kiss.

Now..I feel like an idiot that I blogged about that dream. But it was so unusual..and real..nothing like my everyday life..which has consisted of...

1. wrapping netting around grape vines to keep the birds away. Oh, what a joyful fun task it was for Lars and me. The things my father makes us do.

2. helped a friend move back into the house they moved out of over a year ago.. for apartment living. They are happy to be back in the place they can..almost call their own. Their cats are very happy.

3. my friend's sister finally moved out with her baby and baby daddy. So she was so ready to celebrate. Now she's afraid her sister and the baby's daddy will have a fight and she'll be back home in two weeks. Maybe not.

4. and I had to vacuum the basement with the wet vac most of the afternoon. A big rain came this morning and the basement got all wet. Needless to say, I so wanted to go out to eat tonight, but Lars heated a frozen pizza instead.

5. I dunno about work. Its just get so tedious. I hate when things get changed around. Especially, when my supervisor says things like .."Don't worry about it.." Next thing I know, its need to do this and this. I feel sometimes, I'm doing more than I used to, and the days feel so slow. But I know I'm not the only one going through this. Yet, it feels like its only me.

6. I made pepper jelly! From the peppers in the garden. I was shocked it turned out so well. I'm back to crocheting on a throw I started I don't know how long ago. It was meant for one friend, but he's gone now and I dunno if I want to give it up. Its got some cool yarn in it that a friend gave me for Christmas one year and, its nice to think of our friendship when I look at it now. Although, not sure how Lars will feel about having pinks and purples in it...oh well, he has to sleep under my pink and purple comforter..anyhow. At least the sheets are gray.


  1. love pictures! :D cool post


  2. oooh pepper jelly? how does it taste like? :D

  3. Cool about the pepper jelly and Mitch too.

  4. I'm hoping the friend's sister stays with the baby's father, but if they are going to fight..probably not a good idea.

  5. that is a funny dream. yum..about the jelly!!

  6. What a sweet dream :) Pepper jelly sounds really interesting!