Monday, August 29, 2011


STORYLINE: Jenna (Elizabeth Gillies) felt invisible at school. But then she met Bono (Tyler Blackburn) in the boiler room. It was just the beginning of finding the secret world below the school. Being a changling, Bono couldn't help to sprinkle a little fairy dust Jenna's way. Suddenly, Jenna is popular, but how long will it last? The fairy kingdom under the school has plans for Jenna. And she's not so sure she can trust Bono, who's changing himself. Perhaps for the worst.

Elisabeth Gillies

REVIEW: Tyler Blackburn just gets better and better. He's brooding. Yet mesmerizing as the dark changeling, Bono. All he really wanted was to start a rock band. But the dark forces out there make it hard for him to be an anti-hero. Elizabeth Gillies shows she can be kind. Her acting abilities show what a strong and confident actress she is.

Tyler Blackburn


  1. I never thought of those 2 in anything together before.

  2. I'd probably watch Tyler in anything.

  3. I'd love to see her in more movies.

  4. At first I had NO IDEA that was her, I've only seen her in that nick show victorious, the story line is really cute

  5. Sounds interesting