Monday, August 8, 2011

character notes - theories of Eli

I'd been hoping for a schizo storyline for a long while on Degrassi. Especially, with Eli Goldworthy, the Emo kid with a bit of a dark side. He's expressive. Full of creativity.

His character makes me think of the Channel 4 Hollyoak's Newt...who turned up schizo too. Thinking he'd found the perfect girl..he wanted to commit suicide with...or just to get away from his other imaginary foe. Faking his death by jumping off a building.

Degrassi is a Teen Canadian show that's been on air since the 80's. Usually, their writers come up with something cool..but soon fizzles out. While Hollyoaks is a UK teen favorite show and those Brits are ..oh so much darker, grittier and somewhat cruel.

Newt's imaginary friend was a bully named Eli
Then Newt finds Rae. And he has problems dealing if she's real or not. Finally, he does find the real Rae.

Truely, Nico Mirallegro is the better actor who played Newt. But Munro Chambers as Eli on Degrassi has certainly brought some depth to the teen show. He appeared last season telling religious Clare that she had pretty eyes. They hit it off. If only Eli had been more influential as he should have been. reality, it might have made more sense. But as usual, the writers could have had something really significant..but fizzle. Yet in the end, they made Eli seem somewhat a stalker. As they began this season, he was heavily sedated, feeling numb of what feelings he might still have for Clare.

In walks Imogene a new character. Usually, she's only with Eli. No one else really talks to her. She talks to them. But she's gotten him to go off in antidepressants and has her own kind of psychology that she uses on him. So it'll be interesting to see if she's really just a figment of his imagination.

Schizophrenia is a chronic and very serious psychiatric illness. It has devastating effect on the lives of anyone it touches. It is estimated that nearly 1.2% of the population in the U.S. has schizophrenia . The disorder can vary in terms of severity and manageability, but even the mildest and most treatable episodes of this illness leave a mark on lives it touches.
It can be difficult to acquire accurate statistics on schizophrenia due to the nature of the illness. Many people with schizophrenia do not get treatment and end up amongst the struggling homeless population throughout the world. Of the approximately 3.2 million Americans  with schizophrenia, the majority aren’t receiving treatment. This in itself is a troubling considering treatment for schizophrenia is a necessity in order to treat the often severe symptoms and ward off relapses of psychotic episodes.


  1. no but i would love to try my hair is too black

  2. I loved Newt's story line. Hope Eli's will be just as good.

  3. I was looking at what's taking over Hollyoaks now..last night. Wow, I am totally shocked of the Ste turnaround. Even better Jay Duffy on the show is "Declan"..reminds me of someone..on Degrassi. I do wonder if someone on the show who writes, checks out Degrassi.

    Anyway, I've been curious about Eli and Imogene..and think of the play on words..emo..imo..hmmmm..

  4. I like that..Imo..Emo..that degrassi fan wrote about. Hadn't thought of that.

    Oh, Nico..what a cool actor.

  5. I love those kind of storylines. Nico really is terrific. I like Munro Chambers too.

  6. Yeah, for putting in the Nico part!

  7. Too bad the story couldn't have been as good as the one on Hollyoaks.

  8. Haha pretty long post, but I loved reading it, thanks for the update

  9. I haven't seen any of these, they sound really good!