Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

School started this week. It was exciting to talk to individuals who are starting new classes. I saw someone over the weekend who I hadn't seen since he was possibly sixth grade. I was shocked to find out he'd just graduated high school and he's going into the ministry. The church he goes to offers college classes for those who want to minister. Granted, he looks no more than 14, at best. I can't imagine him as a preacher. But then again, I can see plenty females swooning over him. It would be like Justin Kelly becoming a minister. He'd most definitely make an uber Youth minister.

Lars and I have gone around and around with discussions. I won't call it fighting. According to him, he's wanted us to get together in high school, but instead I had gone for the more nerdy larpy guy. Lars claims he never knew what I saw in that guy. I can see he's bitter. He won't say it, but he knows that guy was my first. Not that we've had a virginity talk, by any means. But its hard to explain to him that things are better with him, Not the guy I met my sophomore year. I wouldn't dare bring up that girl who used to date who has a baby now. Its not his. He doesn't speak of her.

Its just best to leave well enough alone. I'm slowly learning this. Maybe he is too. He's tired from his Saturdays at the post office. But its getting better. Maybe.

Then there is this HONDA FIT matter. Dad is giving us the car he bought for himself. Not really, giving it to us. We have to make payments on it. Its just who gets it? Really? I wanted that car for myself, and now I have to share it with Lars, who does ride to work with my brother most days. Still, I have to get up early on Saturdays if I want the car.  I have to drive him to work, and pick him up. I don't mean to be vexed about it. Sometimes, its just hard looking at the glass half filled, thinking its practically empty, sometimes.

I started taking ginkgo biloba. Mom had some. I think I'm allergic. I sneeze like mad. I don't think it'll do a thing for me. Burn a pot and now I'm a psycho invalid.

My new favorite movie!

OK...I will confess..I am so crushing on Max Minghalla now. I saw him in Annabelle and Elvis. He had the most perfect Texas twang..but he's British. I love that movie. His new film is with Olivia Thirlby in THE DARKEST HOUR.

Happier times with KC & Jenna on Degrassi

BABY MATTERS.. Not that I'm having one or anything. Again, Lars and I have been discussing what we'd such a situation of KC & Jenna's on Degrassi. Yes, he watches the show. Mainly, just to make fun of it and aggravate me..but still.. I don't think either of us could put our baby up for adoption like these two high school kids on the show. I can't think of anyone I've ever known to do such a thing. Especially, those I went to school with. There were babies at our school. There was a child development class, and if you were a student..and had a baby, you could get child care that way at school. Of course, a co-worker said that wasn't true at her school, although, we were in the same district, yet she graduated a few years before I did. Anyway, I just don't think I could give the baby up after its 6 months old or know. Unless..I just had to. I'd try my best to find some other alternative. My mother's cousin went through a situation where they had to give their baby up when he was in high school. Still, he later married the mother of his baby. And it took them another decade to conceive again. I have a friend who's son is with his Dad now. They flew back to California. I would be on edge, I think. But its like a vacation for her. He's suppose to drive back with him, but the little one is only 2.

Last..but not least..the Pelle shoes I won from Cafefashionista! I had to show them off at work. But I did not work in them. I'm on my feet all day, practically. It was a very heighten day. A mouse on the loose. A co-work screamed everytime she saw it. Thus, it made us all on edge.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post (:
    And I love the shoes, you're so lucky!

    With love, Kirsten

  2. Hope you are having fun in those shoes....

  3. I have to wonder if KC will raise the baby on his own. That would be amazing on Degrassi. Its good to talk about stuff like that.

  4. Lovely shoes!! Ahh dear, I hate talks about ex's, I'm glad he's learning to let it be.

  5. amazing post, fun to read, love the second picture, he is cute