Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Awful hot and humid.still...only 2 dogs have died so far, heat related. They were outside with no shelter. And somebody let their alligator go and unfortunately, the Animal Human Society couldn't save it in time. It was in dire need of water.

Really, all I want to do when I come home from sleep. Saying that, well have you ever heard ..where its good to give your partner some alone time in bed? I dunno. Maybe its just me. But it hasn't happened yet.

Oh, Lars is just so darn happy. Its irritating. Kind of. I don't want it to be. But you know, come home, I just want to rest and he's all WAKE UP! As if I want to go out in the heat and do anything.

Then I start to think..GOD I'M SO BORING..I have to. I just gotta get out there with Lars. Not that we've done anything exciting. Well, he has made pasta. He does like to make pasta. And I've been making hats, once again. I don't know why.

I found some blue yarn and my brother's ex-girlfriend's little sister had been wanting one. Of course, back then she was just by brother's girlfriend's little sister. I don't even know how I can exactly give it to her.

I'm suppose to go out to dinner with some friends tomorrow. Only, Lar's wasn't invited. I didn't know he'd be be free, but he is. Its a girl thing. Anyhow. I have seen my one friend all summer. Although, we'll be out with my other friend who ...hogs all the whats the point of going?

Then there is that question..should we or shouldn't we go to a movie? Our funds are on the low end. We should just stay home, and hang out. He said something about fixing a tire. Hopefully, I don't have to watch. Its hot outside.

Munro Chamber's Eli..feels nothing now, being on meds after his stalkerish times with Claire

Annie Clark as Fiona who just came out of the closet

So this week, Degrassi is back with new faces. I'm not sure if Lars gets it. And not that he says anything about it, but he gets a little restless when lesbian storylines come up. Anyway, Degrassi looked promising, sort of even a Skins' edge to it. But as always, the writers start and stop the story much too quickly. Yet, its interesting that this teen show can come up with some intriguing storylines with alternative lifestyle that just really doesn't snap with American television.

You might remember Ashley Rikards from One Tree Hill.

Then there was MTV's AWKWARD. Which the theme is..a girl who everyone thinks in suicidal (really isn't) but she has a secret relationship with the captain of the football team. He doesn't want anyone to know that he likes her. So it should be interesting.

Anyway, just trying to stay cool..and well, some alone time..REAL ALONE TIME with Lars, soon.


  1. I do love AWKWARD. Degrassi did feel different at first. Now I'm not so sure. I do like some of the new characters.

  2. Well, stay cool. Hope you get some time to your self..too.

  3. It has been too hot. This weather is so annoying.

  4. Taking time alone is so so important, as well as taking time to hang with your LADIES.

    Stay cool!

  5. I hope it gets cooler where you are!
    I used to watch Degrassi. I can't believe it's still going! So many years!

  6. I hope the weather cools down for you, it can be so hard to get motivated when it's hot!