Friday, July 22, 2011

Crackship Friday - Monica and Jared


OH GOD.....

Monica wanted to scream. But she didn't. She watched her older brother Joel eat cereal on the livingroom couch in his underwear.

"I have someone coming over." She announced as if royalty would be here any second. Naturally, Joel was making the place a home. His dirty socks were on the floor. His jeans too. "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING IN HERE?" Second thought, she didn't want to know what he was doing, late nights on the couch. "Can you just..just go to your room!" She swiftly picked up the dirty clothes and took them to the tiny laundry room just off their old galley kitchen where once upon a time her mother made her Italian dinners. When this place was actually a home, but her Mom wasn't around anymore.

Joel brushed the side of his dark whiskery face with one thumb while he went right on eating his Corn Chex.

"WELL!" Monica stomped back to the livingroom. If only he were a dog, he would have been scared by now, but he wasn't. "I have... a guest coming over." Suddenly, she was in a sweat. She should brew tea, find something sweet in the cupboard.

"All right." His dark eyes looked a bit miffed by her plea. But it was too late, Jared was at the door.

" did you get here so fast?" She looked a little worried, seeing Jared's hair so wind swept, but ever so..well, she needed to keep her hands to herself. She tried not to look so happy to see him.

"I rode my bike." He was out of breath. It was just a ten speed. His smile evened out as he looked around her place. There was Joel still undressed in his tidy whiteys. Jared looked at him, surprised.

"That's just my brother." Monica cleared her throat.

It was an awkward introduction, but finally Joel left as if he had something important to do, like go to the bathroom.

"I should have called you."  He shrugged. It was just he had bouts with his cell. "Probably need a new one." His smile was quick and it felt like a dance to her to get the kettle on and get the cups ready for tea along with some Little Debbie oatmeal cookies she wished she'd already gotten out of the wrapper.

Yet suddenly, there was no time for any of it. An intermission of sorts. His lips were quite inviting. And she'd never thought of the thin kitchen  being quite a romantic place, but suddenly it was. At least she knew, he had missed her.

The kettle was alarming. Yes, things were definitely more than simmering between the two of them. Jared took a seat in the dining area while she made the tea and set out their little feast.

"There is something I  have to tell you." He stared at the tea, even took the time to squeeze a wedge of lemon in it.

"Like what?" She didn't want to be side tracked. No, in her head, they were in her room doing ravishing things to each other. Already.

"I'm going to Canada." He said as if was a trip of a life time.

"Canada?" She looked as him as if it were a disease.

"Internship. I get paid too." Oh he made the future look so damn bright with that toothy grin of his. Maybe his teeth weren't that perfect. Yet, it felt so real. The harsh reality of it.

Monica just nodded.

"I'm studying a mouse." He nodded.

"Moose?" Had to be a moose, she grinned. "You don't mean..."

"No, a mouse, a field mouse." He clarified and sipped his tea.

Monica winced as if he had to be wrong. This was all wrong. He couldn't just be going. Not now. She was quiet then as she sipped her bitter tea. Finally she snatched an oatmeal pie from the plate. Nothing could sooth her nerves now. She didn't like mice to begin with. It was just absurd. Jared going away like this.

"When?" She wanted to knows. Just a week more of college classes. Then a break.

"After classes are over." He finally took an oatmeal pie, dipped it in his tea.

"How long?" She dreaded to know.

"Just a month." He sounded OK with it.

"A MONTH!" That was just a month too long, she felt. She wanted to shout how they'd just met, and they needed that month together. "You don't even drive. You hate cars. How are you going to get there?"

"Well, by plane." He licked the crumbs from his bottom lip. "I suppose, I'll take a plenty of pills and I'll feel absolutely nothing, til I get there." He didn't sound so optimistic.

Monica couldn't help but give him a very round frown in response. Suddenly, it felt as if something tragic was about to happen. She felt ill, already. What was she suppose to do?


  1. A new installment. That's wild about going to Canada!

  2. Interesting brother..for sure. & Canada. hmm..what does this mean??

  3. that's funny shit about Canada!

  4. What could go wrong now? Canada?

  5. What a cute tea party. Um, well, sort of.