Monday, July 18, 2011

character notes - writing etc.

this was in a fortune cookie..naturally..Lars ended it 'in bed'...

Somehow, I'm managing to find time to write, around Lars. Its been interesting, seeing all these sides of him.

I don't think he's who I used to know. He's better. Actually. I mean, I know he's been through some things with his high school girlfriend. I guess that world didn't quite click with the real world. And, he's never quite had what some kids have had. He's lived with grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. His Mom has remarried and moved on. He has a brother in the military. He has his worries. Like start a job and he now has the fear of getting fired. My brother almost did..after the 4th. But he's trying really hard and well, maybe we are going to be OK. I hope.

Anyway, he found this old Liz Phair CD, Whitechocolatespaceegg. It was so trashed. We ripped 14 songs off it. Still, I remember my Mom having that cassette. Liz is such a remarkable songwriter. So listening to those songs has inspired me more for a character I've been writing about, Ryan, Roger's transgender love interest. She's complicated.

Still, even more, I've been smittened with Jules who is another character I find myself wanting to write more about. He's from England that's came to the midwest to escape his life back home. Perhaps, it all has to do with Australian actor Sebastian Gregory stuck in my head as this 'mate' who might have been as much a bully.. on his last chance working at a small town cafe. Anyway, its been fun writing about his troubles and his accidental boyfriend who so happens to have Aspergers and does not like to be touched. Of course, since Jules isn't drunk so much anymore, he has his doubts about so many things in his life now. And the girl he wouldn't mind seeing himself with is off limits.

I finally finished ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. Its a light read, and well..if you can't get to Paris quite yet..its a fun mini vacation. Sort Anna is 16 from Atlanta, Georgia. Her dad is like the Nicholas Sparks who keeps getting movie deals. Anyway, her parents are divorced, but her Dad decides to send her to a private school in Paris her senior yeaar. There she meets St. Clair..who..well..I thought the Aaron Johnson..type...anyway, St. Clair already has a girlfriend..yet they become best friends. Its a story, I'm sure a lot can relate too...being friends with someone who already has a girlfriend. His character is so interesting..he's English/French/American for starters...and Anna is going gaga over him..although, she knows they are just friend..but are they, really? I adored this book! Its by Stephanie Perkins.


  1. I like that quote. Home is a person. [:

  2. that first quote about perfect people that really caught my attention because I have definitely lived through that.

  3. My cousin went to college with Liz Phair and she had a crush on him :) She even wrote a song about him that was recorded as an extra on one of her newer albums :)

  4. I love the first quote. Sebastian and Aaron should play brothers.