Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

I can't believe its Wednesday, already.

We stayed out way too late on the 4th. The neighbors had quite a show going on..until midnight or so. Oh, and no cousin. He didn't hang out with them. Lars sort of wandered over there. He's so friendly. It was so muggy and steamy last night. Well, not in the romantic way. We did get to witness some really pregnant teenager making out with her boyfriend in the street. I didn't see that coming. Just glad she didn't accidentally tackle Lars in the process, who was standing around holding a lime beer, trying to laugh at anything anyone said. I just wanted to drag him in and plop him on the couch, but no, we had to have fun with the neighbors.

Yawn..why did I even try to go to work today? I just didn't get any sleep.

Lars helped with the berries. We made 3 batches of jam. Of course, we had to fuss about how to make the jam. First batch came out like pancake syrup, but the rest looks more jelly or ..well, jam.

Then Sunday Lars got on the roof with Dad. I was so sure one of them would fall off, but luckily, they didn't.

My brother came over all sunburned. He'd been to the lake. It seemed everyone had places to go and do for the 4th.

Scott: ..maybe it’s ‘cause I love her…
Stiles: Exactly..
Scott: Did I just say that?
Stiles: Yes, you just said that..
Scott: *smiles* I love her..
Stiles: That’s great, now moving on..
Scott: No no no, really, I think I’m totally in love with her..
Stiles: ..and that’s beautiful, now before you go off and write a sonnet, can we figure this out please? ..because you obviously can’t be around her all the time..?

Teen Wolf: Episode-6; “Heart Monitor”
I love this scene with Jackson and Alyson.
I'm so hoping Derek is alive. Either hook this character up with Scott's Mom or either with Jackson. You hate to see Derek as the lone wolf.

TEEN WOLF was new last night, and I missed half of it. Due to all the fireworks in progress.

It was good to be in an air-conditioned house. Of course, my room is hot. We have two fans going at night.

Miss M makes progress. No more hanging out in the litterbox. She's moving around more. Due to her diet. She hopped up on the couch and watched TV with me.

I'm sure Shia was a happy camper during this movie.

Lars was more impressed with Transformers 3 than me. Yes, I got to see it twice. I think it was the Victoria Secret model he liked the most.

I already wish it was the weekend, but I have to work.


  1. You peoples with your Teen Wolf (:
    Hehe :D

  2. I so love TEENWOLF! Hope your week is going OK.

  3. The gif was really cute, seems like a nice way to spend your independence day. That is really cool about the jam (:

  4. Yeah I think guys watch anything with robots, explosions and half naked women. Or more if it were legal.

  5. It sounds like a really fun night! It's lovely that Lars is so friendly, I wish I could be like that. And I'm so glad that your cat is feeling a bit better!

  6. sounds like you had an awesome 4th! I've honestly never watched teen it anything like Twilight? and the Transformers 3 movie. I know, right, Shia totally lucks out with really pretty girls! My first impression is that he's really not that cute. But then all the girls seems to like Selena Gomez! and she's dating Justin Bieber!! so who knows...haha, sorry for the long comment!

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