Monday, July 4, 2011

character notes - here and there

Miss M's better days. She's probably gained a good 15 pounds since this photo was taken, a long time ago. She loves men in uniform and most alcoholic beverages.
Well, Dad thought our cat was going to die on him. I've never seemed him so concerned about her. He just knew the vet would put her to sleep after finding her under his computer desk, foaming at the mouth. But Miss M is..well, Miss M. She poops and pees where she wants and well, she might ruin her new digs yet. I'm not sure why we put up with her. My mom says its because my dad can relate to how she's becoming so old. But she's still purring and has finally got out of the liter-box. Her blood sugar and other vitals are normal. She still loves to eat. Of course, she might be driving the rest of us out of the house.

Lars and I are thinking of finding an apartment with my brother in September.

If only this were true, I'd be watching it.

I had gone to a movie with a friend who was in town when this happened to Miss M. Of course, all my friend could talk of was the fiance. I was sort of shocked that she spoke of his arrogance. How he acted around her family(She says he's really not like that when its the two of them, but he just sort of shuts down when he's around them). He's kind of the Ben Stone type. Speaking of which..Ben..plays Alek on THE 9 LIVES OF CHLOE KING. Still I'm on TEAM ALEK. I like his character. Still though, I prefer TEEN WOLF over CHLOE as in the believable history of this supernatural themes we are being fed this summer on the TV.

Alek: That was very impressive. Maybe you can show me some of your moves sometime.
Chloe: No moves. Just a lucky shot.
Alek: I wasn’t really talking about basketball.
Chloe: Subtle.
Alek: I’m not trying to be.
Chloe: Uhm, you haven’t talked to me in like two years, just get back to that.
[Alek smells her]
Alek: You smell very good.
Chloe: Uhm… okay, crazy non sequitur man, it’s called bathing, try it.
Alek: Why are you giving me such a hard time, Chloe King?
Chloe: Believe me, if I knew it would have this kind of effect, I wouldn’t have touched your ball. Don’t say it.
Alek: Something tells me we’re gonna be very good friends.
[tries to kiss her but Jasmine interrupted]
Jasmine: Alek!
Chloe: Uh, well, nice chatting, this was fun. Let’s try and never do it again.
[Chloe runs away]

I guess our 4th will be mundane. Meeting up with friends and my brother. Blowing up fireworks at the high school.
He looks a lot like Rebel Wilson or Matt Lucas when he's in drag.

Hopefully, Dad will keep his cool with the neighbors who just got back from Minnesota. I think a whole village lives at their house, including the crossdressing cousin who got married to some redneck dude in Iowa. Actually, Dad behaves himself with Lars around.


  1. Aaah, that cat is so sweet! Nice to hear she's alright (:

    With love, Kirsten

  2. I hope the cat loses some weight. Funny Jesse poster.

  3. What a funny and sweet cat. All the best on a fun holiday.

  4. I like the Chloe King pretty much. Aw, all the best to your cat.

  5. Hope you had a great 4th!
    And I loved the movie Bridesmaids. That was such a funny part.

  6. Oh, such a sweet cat. Hope she's better. Hope you had a good 4th.

  7. I like your blog! (:
    I'm an old blogger from before and I came back. Check out my blog (: